Add-ons and Themes

The JCal Pro® 3 Starter subscription combined installer include a host of add-ons. The following extensions will be installed by default:

  1. Events Module
  2. Mini-Calendar Module
The JCal Pro® 3 Standard and Ultimate subscription combined installer also includes the following extensions and functions:
  1. Location Manager
  2. Location Module
  3. Flex Module (enhanced display of upcoming and/or recent events) - see demo (Coming Soon)
  4. Editor Button Plugin (Coming Soon)
  5. Premium Themes - see demo

In addition, the following extension-specific plugins will be installed if JCal Pro® detects the appropriate extensions on your web site:

  1. Community Builder Latest Events plugin (Coming Soon)
  2. Community Builder Mini-calendar plugin (Coming Soon)
  3. JomSocial Latest Events plugin (Coming Soon)
  4. JomSocial Mini-calendar plugin (Coming Soon)

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