JCal Pro® Changelog

JCal Pro® Version 3

[2015-04-21] Version 3.2.19. 4081

[bug] Themes not listed in Joomla 3.4.1

[2014-11-17] Version

[chg] Events list module now allows time displayed without date
[bug] Incorrect timezone applied when calculating events spanning multiple days
[chg] Support for update key overrides in package url
[chg] Location as text in events module given block layout
[bug] Starter package asset error
[chg] Uniform icon class usage in navigation links
[bug] Some assets not assigned to correct parent

[2014-10-10] Version

[bug] Fatal errors in Joomla 3.x

[2014-10-08] Version

[bug] Category pagination
[bug] Leftover files from core updates cause fatal errors in controllers
[chg] Event preparation code refactoring
[new] Update notice added to dashboard
[new] Option to remove view date restrictions from iCal export
[new] Warning added to Update configuration tab
[chg] Link removed from Powered By footer
[bug] Errors in events module when displayed on a JCal Pro® event edit form
[bug] All Day/No End date displays still incorrect
[bug] System plugin errors when saving component parameters during installation

[2014-09-24] Version

[bug] Warning in interval code for PHP 5.2
[bug] New event assets assigned to component root
[bug] Email asset names
[bug] Double date strings in category
[new] Remote updates
[bug] All day event start times
[bug] Debug mode forces default template
[chg] Location filter options
[bug] Email tags with array values display "Array" after replacement
[bug] Timezones in ical export

[2014-08-15] Version

[chg] Removed "calendar" class from Inspired month layout due to core Calendar.js style conflict
[bug] Common template files now respect core override format
[bug] Recurring events with specified end times not ending correctly
[bug] End time displayed incorrectly in admin events manager
[bug] SQL error saving form fields
[bug] PHP compat fixes in access helper
[bug] PHP compat fixes in date library
[bug] Script for calendar navigation tied to toolbar display in Inspired

[2014-07-28] Version

[chg] Admin edit button changed to match others
[bug] Default colors in categories
[bug] Notices in events list
[bug] Tooltips in frontend admin buttons
[bug] Empty tooltip descriptions

[2014-07-17] Version

[bug] Some email tags not working
[new] Assets tool to fix missing event assets.
[bug] Emails may be sent with only BCC recipients
[chg] Modified admin form labels in Joomla! 3.x
[bug] No way to disable date range option in event module
[chg] Better tooltip compatability in event module
[chg] Date range as string support in content plugin
[bug] Empty id warnings in sh404sef plugin
[bug] Inspired toolbar dropdown buttons not working on touch
[chg] Improved permissions handling
[bug] Readmore separator not removed in event view
[new] Custom date formats for modules
[chg] Enhanced content plugin support
[chg] Changed yes/no configuration options to radios
[new] Default category color option
[new] Date format options
[chg] Switched to core "color" JFormField for color selection
[chg] Small style change to legacy theme css
[bug] Dates not updating when ajax mode enabled in legacy themes
[new] Calendar navigation
[new] Week view title display option
[new] Custom empty list text for event list module
[bug] Added styles for maps to prevent img tag corruption
[bug] Email cloaking breaks ajax mode
[bug] Scrubbed remaining Mootools dependency
[chg] Updated HTMLPurifier
[chg] Updated iCalCreator class
[bug] Repeated month header in events module
[bug] Custom radio values not displayed
[chg] Prevent content plugin from running if component not found
[chg] Editable location alias

[2014-04-18] Version

[chg] Defensive coding in module/plugin controller method
[bug] Locations module infinte loop with no locations
[chg] Changed "Next x units" filters to start from today
[bug] Editor buttons in Joomla! 3.x
[bug] Registration row duplication in CSV export (#28)
[bug] Active states not showing on Inspired toolbar buttons
[chg] Force-load event tables in base models to prevent conflicts
[chg] Admin models no longer fetch their own JTables
[bug] Event form css issues
[bug] JTable compat fixes
[bug] Strict Standards warning in event table

[2014-04-07] Version

[chg] Additional date filters in category view
[bug] Events can be saved with end dates before the start date
[bug] Access helper denies access if category is not provided
[bug] Exceptions in system messages
[bug] Locations and Registrations permissions handling
[new] Additional range filters
[bug] Archive mode not always respected
[bug] Event form field validation
[bug] Extra close tag in Inspired registration form
[chg] sh404sef update compat change
[bug] Missing event descriptions in category view
[bug] Removed option to use predefinedlist as a form field type in
[bug] Component search not returning correct results (#21)
[bug] Notices in Inspired search results
[chg] Changed debug handling to use less resources
[bug] Notices in Events module
[bug] Repeated language string COM_JCALPRO_DATE_TEMPLATE_DISPLAY
[chg] Added error bypasses for all ALTER TABLE update SQL queries

[2014-02-19] Version

[chg] Added Flat layout to events view
[chg] Clean up of some strict standards warnings
[bug] Prevent empty searches in search plugin
[chg] Modified event form handling to account for incompatible
[bug] Multiday events not showing correct end times in events list
[new] Time format option for events list module
[new] Added ongoing event filter for events list module (#18)
[chg] Removed some CSS from themes that was causing display issues or no
[new] Month separation in events list module
[chg] Repeat days no longer selected automatically in edit form
[bug] Dashboard menu item in admin not selected in 3.x
[bug] Unset format filter on event recurrence end date field
[chg] Refactored migration
[chg] Reversed controller import checks to account for upgraded sites
[chg] Removed parts of event view template to their own smaller files
[chg] Moved debug output to system plugin
[new] Directions in Location view
[bug] Category pagination
[bug] Installation of sample data disables menus in Joomla! 3.2
[chg] Full address fields in location form
[bug] Deprecated warning in old captcha plugin displayed to guests
[bug] iCalendar repeat events
[new] Read More support
[bug] Installer menu disappears
[bug] Duplicate event titles with some configurations
[bug] Extra calls to JCalProListEventsModel::getCategoryXref
[bug] Improper defaults in view display methods
[new] Schema.org markup in component views
[bug] Warning when setting one of the required field options as an extra
[bug] Missing pagination in frontend event administration
[bug] Template conflict with maps
[chg] Event import form markup for Joomla! 3.x
[new] Option to disable all logging
[chg] Event child id tracking to maintain link to parent
[chg] Location page title and description
[bug] Spam protection fieldset shows when empty in Inspired
[new] Locations module allows percentage widths for responsive layouts
[new] Added formtype filter for fields
[chg] Moved published field to details fieldset for Joomla! 3.x
[bug] jcalmedia field broken in 3.x
[bug] Field up/down buttons
[new] Custom field display in events module
[new] Option to disable titles in events module
[new] Option to disable user time translation
[chg] Access helper
[new] Edit url tags for emails
[new] Featured events
[new] Open events in modal window
[bug] Legacy timezone information using unrecognized timezone strings
[bug] Unable to order locations list view
[bug] Doubled end date selection in some languages
[chg] Better handling of non-standard timezone strings
[chg] Updated iCalCreator to 2.18.0

[2013-08-07] Version

[bug] Properties not always available in DateInterval causing Fatal
[bug] Missing last event in weekly repeating events when repeat occurs
[bug] Monthly view links broken in certain configurations
[bug] Cannot add panels in Flex Module in 3.2.7
[bug] Time cannot be disabled on all day events in event module unless
[new] Event search by ids
[chg] Event search by id (id:X) now supports exclusion (id:!X)
[bug] Fatal error when no menu item exists for events view
[new] Location in events module
[new] Event id list in events module
[chg] Access to more event filters in content plugin
[bug] Encoded ampersand in content plugin tags
[bug] Javascript wrapper not always adding elements correctly
[bug] Category counts in admin for 2.5
[bug] Race condition between ajax date validation and saving events
[bug] Category filter exclusion
[bug] Ajax script loaded on non-ajax pages breaks sh404sef created links
[bug] Ical import fails when .ics does not define a timezone

[2013-07-03] Version

[chg] Core JHtml helper used for Inspired tabs
[chg] Prevent errors in Inspired if jQuery is not available
[chg] Show only start times options for all events views
[chg] All future events now considered "upcoming" for category totals
[bug] Menu meta ignored
[new] Marker in event location map linked to location
[bug] Javascript error for admin list views checkAll input
[new] Range filter for category view
[bug] Empty fieldsets displayed on event form if form extensions are
[new] Utility to attempt fixes on categories database
[chg] jclrecaptcha plugin removed in favor of core captcha
[new] Added default location map zoom option
[bug] Category select button hidden in IE
[bug] IE-specific CSS
[bug] Script error in IE
[bug] Captcha not showing in Inspired
[bug] Sef errors when 3rd party code incorrectly injects categories

[2013-30-05] Version

[bug] White space issues on admin list header links
[bug] Language filters
[bug] Admin sort filters in Joomla! 3.x
[bug] Registration parameters decoded for email tag parsing
[chg] Events with empty language columns forced to ALL during update
[bug] Repeat end options not hiding
[bug] Registration options not always toggling correctly
[bug] JS events not correctly firing on event form
[chg] Branding no longer shows on event view regardless of setting
[bug] Location view not respecting archive mode
[chg] Moved upcoming events above past events on location view
[chg] Moved tags field in default edit template to main details section
[bug] Incorrect language string in edit form
[bug] Location toolbar buttons not showing in Inspired
[bug] Non-responsive frontend filters in 3.1.x
[bug] Missing previous button based on archive mode setting
[bug] Event form panels not hidden in 2.5 when appropriate
[bug] Refined email tags parsing for missing data
[bug] Email template preview in Joomla! 3.1.x
[chg] Query ajax requests always default to POST
[bug] printf warning in event form
[bug] Tags fieldset showing in pre-3.1.0 installs
[bug] Inspired toolbar dropdown links stopping click events too early

[2013-20-05] Version

[bug] Inspired print icon
[bug] Inspired dropdown close on form elements
[bug] Inspired toolbar not respecting ajax filters
[bug] Print view urls loaded via ajax shown in raw mode instead of html
[bug] Incorrect date calculation regression in week toolbar button
[chg] Category mode shows past events if archive mode is off
[chg] Event category color borders
[bug] Events admin toolbar buttons not warning users of impending detachment of child events
[bug] Force element to be a jQuery object when using jQuery in JCalPro.fireEvent
[chg] Moved event location map to its own container
[bug] Start time only option
[new] Option to hide/show icons in month layout
[new] Option to hide/show times in month layout
[bug] Multiline labels in Inspired month layout
[bug] No icons in Inspired month layout
[bug] Locations not working in Inspired
[new] Added end time as an event duration option
[chg] Joomla! 3.0 "chosen" selects in forms
[bug] Location map update button not working in Joomla! 3.0
[chg] Further design enhancements on admin event form
[chg] Drastically shortened copyright notices on client files
[bug] Missing locations templates in Inspired
[chg] Refined event display in Inspired
[bug] Mismatched tag in Inspired weekly view
[chg] Changed event selection markup for 3.1.x
[new] Tags support for event categories
[chg] Edit forms brought more in line with standard 3.1.x layouts
[new] Content types added for categories and events
[new] Tags support
[chg] Changed category, location selection markup for 3.1.x
[chg] Added default classes to datetime selects
[chg] Added more bootstrap classes to event form
[chg] Admin event form uses tabs

[2013-29-04] Version

[bug] Thick borders in month view on some templates
[bug] Moderator list now checks for null email settings for users created before JCalPro was installed
[bug] Events model state populated in dashboard
[chg] Removed extraneous markup in dashboard
[bug] Email preview
[bug] empty status filter in locations modal
[chg] Secondary categories now displayed in a multiselect instead of checkboxes
[chg] Added span around datetime form field text
[bug] Incorrect form id in registration view javascript
[bug] Event view menu items missing dates
[chg] Added metadata to imported and sample data for 3.1 compat
[bug] iCal view missing for categories
[bug] Event descriptions not processed by HTMLPurifier in event view
[bug] Fixed category pagination issues
[bug] Itemid search fixed for non-event views
[bug] Excessive joins in events query when filtering by category
[chg] Added layout to view class
[chg] Added template option to base view loadTemplate method
[new] Meta description and keywords
[chg] Modal windows resize to screen for Joomla! 3.0
[new] Added class to register button
[bug] Refactored JCalProHelperDate::getToday to remove dependency on JDate
[bug] Improper escaping in debugger stack trace
[new] Additional helper methods for themes
[bug] Warnings for empty or non-array parameters to base event model getCategoryXref method
[bug] Theme overrides for non-default layouts
[new] Attributes parameter for JHtmlJCalPro::filters
[bug] Spacing in JHtmlJCalPro::addlink
[new] Added shorttext to view linkdata for mobile templates
[chg] Optimised initial configuration save during install
[chg] Files in component manifest explicitly declared
[new] Responsive template for Joomla! 3.0
[chg] Themes no longer installed ahead of component
[bug] Missing text string in image alternate text
[chg] Search view layout title changed
[chg] Updated HTMLPurifier library to 4.5.0
[chg] Updated iCalcreator library 2.16.12
[bug] Xref lookup now unique
[bug] Categories model search filter fixed
[bug] Notices in base event controller
[bug] Notices in base presave controller
[bug] Long events spanning multiple months not appearing in month layout
[new] Added parent.category state to events model to check if it is being called from the category model
[bug] Notices in iCal export on all day events
[bug] Help linked to old JCal v2 documentation
[chg] Default context in base admin model
[bug] Removed setting limitstart in model states as core models handle it
[bug] Weekly recurrence could not save children
[bug] Event approval not working
[bug] Calendar module tooltips not appearing after ajax load
[bug] Recurring event children could not be detached in some configurations
[bug] Notice in router
[new] All JSON views now extend JCalProJsonView
[chg] RSS links generated using url helper instead of relying on request
[new] Added breadcrumbs support
[bug] Incorrect markup in frontend categories view
[bug] Missing html classes in calendar module
[new] Added option to enable/disable debug output when global debug mode is on in all modules
[chg] Moved remote module rendering from site controller to module helper
[new] Content tag replacement support in content module
[chg] Better integration with internal helpers in content module
[bug] Date intervals not translated
[new] Theme manifest configuration
[new] load_common theme option recognition
[chg] Deprecated JFormFieldJCalFormFields class
[chg] Reduced size of email body editor
[new] Touch-friendly form field editor for Joomla! 3.0+
[chg] Responsive administrator layouts for Joomla! 3.0+
[new] Extensions plugin to handle theme parameters
[chg] Added more compatability functions to JavaScript library
[new] moved toolbar processing to JCalProHelperToolbar class
[new] added specifc view class to each view
[chg] dashboard icons hidden on small screens
[chg] added hidden-tablet class for tablets
[new] css styles for hiding elements on small screens
[new] compatability tags in manifests for potential future core update checks

[2012-12-03] Version

[bug] Incorrect url encoding on search terms
[bug] Chrome CSS issue in email edit form
[bug] Some filters using incorrect start times
[new] Added name-specific classes to custom field rendering
[new] Array helper
[new] onJCalEventPrepare and onJCalEventQuery event triggers
[new] Added extension context to events
[bug] Overriding base list model _getListQuery method to work around core JDatabaseQuery UNION bug
[bug] Events not correctly added to assets table, making a mess - thanks Elin
[chg] Reworked front end toolbar to allow overriding buttons, deprecated jcalpro.mainmenu JHtml helper
[bug] Method checks against JComponentHelper not using strings
[bug] User plugin mail option not working
[new] Events list module allows html in descriptions
[bug] Magic Quotes issues in presave controller
[bug] Some 3rd party content plugins expected a 4th parameter to onContentPrepare event
[bug] UTC timezone internally registering as "Etc/GMT"

[2012-10-24] Version

[bug] Incorrect list limits applied to categories
[bug] All day events showing start times in search view
[bug] All day events showing start times in events module
[bug] Newlines breaking calendar module tooltips
[bug] Media custom field did not allow linking to non-image files
[bug] Event id not carried over during a failed registration save
[bug] Invalid response from recaptcha
[new] Added start date column to registrations manager, link to event
[new] Added jcl_row_even and jcl_row_odd classes to frontend
[new] onContentPrepare plugin event fired when preparing an event for display
[bug] Added index files to plugin roots
[bug] JCalTimeZone class now attempts to translate non-standard Outlook timezone identifiers to PHP standard identifiers
[bug] Duplicate language file entries
[chg] Events module lists events in reverse order when showing past events
[bug] Importing ics files now using core string methods
[bug] Registrations confirmed in admin retained confirmation tokens
[chg] Registrations no longer display core default added message
[bug] Removed empty custom form fieldsets when user doesn't have permissions to add data to any field
[bug] Language loading not taking user settings into account
[chg] Log helper refinements
[chg] Main helper now keeps track of added model paths
[new] onJCalChangeApproval event
[bug] Empty category counts null instead of
[chg] Cleaned up database queries in models with default
[new] Admin bootstrap classes
[chg] All media using relative urls when possible
[bug] IE9 event form styling issues
[bug] Missing jimport in theme helper
[new] Added onJCalChangeState event trigger
[chg] Optimized performance when not debugging
[new] Additional urls available in prepared events
[bug] Event editor filter changed from safehtml to JComponentHelper::filterText
[chg] Admin search filters using bootstrap styles
[chg] Additional styling to admin forms
[new] Event creator notification for confirmed registrations
[bug] Categories view event counts forced as integers to show
[bug] Restricted events redirect guests to login form instead of 404
[bug] Event approval emails not sent in certain cases
[bug] Ajax tooltips not working in calendar module
[new] Email template manager
[chg] Base CSS class for all admin views for Joomla! 3.0
[chg] Removed non-default label and value keys from published form field
[chg] Added category icon from 2.5 to component media
[bug] Removed coerced type in site event controller postSaveHook method
[chg] Removed deprecated code from html helper
[bug] Access to unpublished events
[chg] Change package manifests to require Joomla! 2.5
[chg] Moved all backend filters to use JSubMenuHelper if available
[bug] Improper timezones in ical helper
[bug] Descriptions of events imported via ical now processed before save
[bug] Time displays incorrectly in events view for all day and no end events
[bug] Published filter for locations
[chg] Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.4.0
[chg] Updated iCalcreator to 2.14
[bug] Upcoming and past events filters using start of day instead of exact time
[new] Added today, tomorrow and yesterday filters for events
[bug] Published filtering absent for locations
[bug] Forced exit in registrations csv view
[bug] Improper city detection in locations
[new] JCalDate toNow* methods (toNow, toNowTime, toNowDate)
[new] Added static method to main helper to retrieve JVersion
[new] Path helper improvements
[new] QRcode generation for events
[bug] Simplified event list ordering
[chg] Removed deprecated getValue call in internal timezone field
[new] Added submenu module position in admin views for Joomla! 3.0
[chg] Changed install view markup for Joomla! 3.0
[new] Added additional styles for Joomla! 3.0
[new] Added global JCalPro javascript object for transparent framework usage
[new] Added more profile markers for better debugging of resource usage
[bug] week view start time now converted to UTC after adjustment instead of before
[chg] optimized JCalProHelperDate::getUserTimeFormat
[chg] optimized week view stack date construction
[new] option to disable HTMLPurifier
[bug] missing jimport in jcalmulticat form field
[chg] database checks in migration and sample data installs now explicitly checked for exceptions for Joomla! 3.0
[bug] missing helper registration in calendar module
[chg] New base MVC classes to cover upcoming Joomla! 3.0
[chg] Deprecated calls to JRequest replaced with JInput
[chg] All anti-csrf tokens checked using JSession and not JRequest
[chg] Reduced logging when debug mode is off
[new] Ability to edit alias in admin
[chg] Removed deprecated JUtility calls
[chg] Removed deprecated DS constant
[chg] Checks done for JFactory::getXMLParser before use
[chg] No longer treating select options as JObjects
[chg] Incorrect subpackage header in ical library
[new] Added external qrcode library to package
[new] Configurable date format in events module
[bug] Setting common event id in .ics helper causing issues with JCal Pro® 2 export
[bug] Force timezone to UTC in certain .ics import cases
[bug] JCalTimeZone forces DateTime::ATOM UTC timezones to explicitly be in UTC
[new] Configurable editor buttons filter
[bug] Duplicate ids in editor button modal
[bug] Cleaned up notice affecting script execution in editor button modal
[bug] Editor button layout error on frontend

[2012-04-18] Version

[chg] Date helper getToday method can now be refreshed
[bug] getNthDayOfMonth used end of day instead of start when searching for the last day
[chg] Days in month helper method now explicitly checks for a JCalDate and not DateTime
[bug] Url helper not explicitly registering main component helper
[bug] Default form not showing if parent is root and category is configured to inherit
[bug] Published filter not working in frontend admin view
[chg] Form fields added to items during prepare
[bug] HTMLPurifier incompatiblity with zend.ze1_compatibility_mode
[bug] Moderator emails included blocked users
[bug] Event filters using imprecise start dates depending on time zone
[new] Autoapprove and Autopublish permissions
[bug] Frontend search date limits
[new] Tooltip controls for Calendar module
[new] Ajax loader on Calendar module
[bug] Multiple calendar modules JavaScript object sharing
[new] Separate locations permissions
[bug] Main helper loading the site events model in admin during permissions checks
[chg] Permissions actions dump removed from debug information
[bug] Form fields input using incorrect delimiter causing loss of form field during subsequent saves if fields are not changed
[bug] Search view incorrectly applying category filters
[bug] JCalDate giving incorrect timezones in certain cases in PHP 5.3
[bug] Events in multiple categories not always showing in every category when menu item restricted one of their categories
[bug] Category filters restricting search view
[bug] Search view incorrectly wrapping long descriptions
[chg] Redundant private method arguments in content plugin removed
[bug] Module links not finding the proper Itemid
[bug] Rewrote xref lookup function to reduce database queries, fix secondary category bug in admin view
[chg] Added padding to some form elements
[chg] Removed date and time table from event form
[chg] Changed all instances of $params->def() to $params->get() in modules
[chg] Added debug information to modules
[bug] Events module description limit not working correctly
[bug] Long form field titles overflowed form field selection list
[chg] Removed inline styles in events admin layout
[chg] Approval or Publication in events admin layout redirects back to that layout
[chg] Publication options added to events admin layout filter
[new] Permissions for form fields to limit who can add/edit them
[new] Event descriptions can now be required
[bug] Filter helper registration now explicit in base events view
[chg] Frontend administration icons
[new] Publish icon in admin events view
[new] Option to require location
[chg] Location selection "clear" button
[new] Events manager in admin now shows if an event has a location
[new] Added "No location" option to admin location filters
[bug] Locations module not firing geolocation failure event in some cases
[chg] Locations module now seeks nearest locations with events if user is not within range
[chg] Locations module loads new locations when map is changed
[bug] Base events model missing register for url helper
[chg] Added ordering to base events model
[bug] Cache keys in event preparation did not cover all states
[bug] Multiday base DateTime not in user time
[chg] Modified base events model store id
[chg] Extended events filtering
[chg] Event location button text
[bug] Events that change from recurring to non-recurring did not purge repeat children
[bug] Locations modal "new" button now uses non-sef url due to core sef incompatibility
[new] Location map on event view
[bug] Category view only showing 1 month of upcoming events
[bug] Location filtering by distance filtered by minutes, not miles
[bug] Incorrect time display when an event spans more than one day
[chg] No pagination structure shown on category view when empty
[new] Category view menu item
[bug] Locations module ajax 404 error
[bug] Media forms not working correctly with core sef
[new] Full calendar link in calendar module
[new] Full calendar link in events module
[chg] Minimum zoom level in locations module to prevent single-marker maps from being too close
[new] Extra distance options in locations module
[new] Core search plugin
[chg] Hiding recurring event children in admin events view no longer hides detached children
[bug] non-canonical category filtering not showing all events
[chg] Changed deprecated JDate::toFormat() calls to JDate::format()
[chg] Changed deprecated JDate::toMySQL() calls to JDate::toSql()
[chg] Changed deprecated JDatabase::nameQuote() calls to JDatabase::quoteName()
[chg] Changed deprecated JDatabase::loadResultArray() calls to JDatabase::loadColumn()
[chg] Changed deprecated JRegistry::getValue() calls to JRegistry::get()
[chg] Changed deprecated JHtmlBehavior::mootools() calls to JHtmlBehavior::framework()
[chg] Changed deprecated JPane usage to JHtmlSliders
[new] Added log helper
[new] generic file path method in theme helper
[new] Added JCalDate::toSql() method to replace now-deprecated JCalDate::toMySQL()
[new] Added JCalDate::monthShortName()
[new] Added JCalDate::dayName()
[new] Added JCalDate::dayShortName()
[chg] Changed registration-specific event handlers to use JCalPro handlers, all differences should be handled using context
[new] Language field added to event form
[bug] SQL error in admin registration search filter
[new] Tooltips in calendar module
[new] Alternate module layout field in event list module
[chg] Corrected subpackage heading in content plugin
[new] Paid registrations plugin [Prepared for Future Release]
[new] Flex module
[new] Editor button
[bug] SQL error in Day view when no events occur

[2012-04-18] Version

[chg] Centralized model instance declaration
[chg] Performance tweaks in loading category cross-reference data
[bug] Locations filter not allowing all events once set
[chg] Improper SVN headers
[chg] Cleaned up loads of PHP E_STRICT notices
[chg] Speed improvements on category selection
[bug] Category filtering
[chg] Increased verbosity of debugging code
[chg] More efficient handling of event display preparation
[chg] Preparation for multilingual events
[chg] Extra indexes in events table
[chg] Preparation for extra extensions (flex module, editor plugin)
[chg] Decreased query count in event url creation by forcing slugs whenever possible
[chg] Decreased query count in category selection
[chg] Whitelisted module ajax usage
[chg] Removed unnecessary debugger code from modules
[bug] Category selector broken using only Root node filters
[bug] Locations manager attempting to change address on Cancel
[lang] Updated es-ES, fr-FR, ro-RO, ru-RU, sv-SE

[2012-04-12] Version

[bug] URL helper "toFull" method doubling full URL in some cases
[bug] page headings not always respecting config
[chg] improper copyright headings on form field sources
[bug] notices in migration causing loading spinner to fail in certain repeat scenarios
[chg] saving a published event on frontend redirects back to event
[new] Itemid override in modules
[new] Locations manager
[new] JCal Pro® private media form field
[chg] Field type "databaseconnection" removed for 2.5.x
[new] New custom form field type, "jcalpromedia", for limiting users' image uploads to their own media folder
[chg] Extra check for file existence when loading css files
[bug] Page heading parameters ignored in menu item
[new] sh404sef event date separator
[bug] Migration "recur_end_until" not being parsed correctly
[new] Data import ajax loader
[new] Migration now creates a custom form containing fields that mimic v2 contact info
[new] Added support for padded date parts into JCalDate
[new] Added some JProfiler marks
[bug] Month/flat view end_date SQL calculation error


[2012-03-15] Version

[bug] End date selection using user time instead of UTC
[bug] Some frontend views displayed event times as absolute instead of relative to user time
[bug] Modules changing based on current page
[chg] Itemid selection now using filter parameters as keys
[bug] Events in frontend admin view filtered by date
[chg] Calendar module description
[bug] Nth day of month method always returned first (or last) day
[bug] Array pointer in weekday recurrence saving skipping Sunday
[bug] iCal import losing minutes and seconds
[bug] Full urls generated in administrator included "administrator/" in url
[bug] Highest Itemid returned for views
[chg] iCal import only does common event id lookups if the UID is available in the .ics file
[bug] Category filtering pagination bug
[bug] If the component is not installed correctly, system plugin caused Fatal Error due to a missing class.
[bug] iCal import undefined array index INTERVAL in certain cases
[chg] Common event ID distinction during import

[2012-03-09] Version

[bug] Wrong destination for foreign language administrator files in manifest
[bug] Calendar module day headers not translating properly
[bug] Day and month names not translated for non-English sites
[chg] English is now loaded before other languages as a backup
[bug] Itemid detection
[bug] Editor field not respecting user preferences
[bug] Category filters in modules not respecting "root"
[chg] Added control over what parts of the date selection field can be shown in code
[bug] Language files not always loading in "about" view
[bug] IE css changes
[bug] Frontend date range event filter not working
[chg] Module ajax controller action
[bug] 404 in router due to missing Itemid
[bug] Router not readin event id during edit
[chg] Calendar module styles
[chg] Calendar module navigation
[bug] Frontend categories legend only displayed 20 categories

Jcal Pro Version 2

[2011-09-12] Version

[bug] RSS links not receiving calendar or category params in certain views
[bug] Certain dates no longer trigger a sort order bug in feed view

[2011-08-19] Version

[bug] RSS feeds on certain views
[bug] RSS feeds not always respecting calendar/category
[bug] sh404sef plugin not showing calendar name in some urls
[bug] Improper input handling in creation of certain form actions

[2011-08-19] Version

[bug] Under certain conditions category lists would not be populated in Add Event form, preventing save
[bug] Notice cleanup on unsupplied fields in event submission

[2011-08-16] Version

[bug] Notices on event save
[bug] Events not ordering properly in certain circumstances
[chg] Copyright notices updated
[bug] RSS feed not respecting global limits
[bug] url_map_javascript Notice
[bug] jcal_latest module not respecting categories
[chg] Documentation links updated
[chg] Powered By JCalPro footer updated, easy to disable
[bug] RSS feed in "flat" view

[2011-07-07] Version

[bug] Security issue in Add Event forms

[2011-05-12] Version

     [bug]  Notices in latest module
     [chg]   Added ability to disable footer
          Tracker #200

[2011-04-11] Version

     [bug] Latest events module Itemid detection
     [chg] Added ability to disable footer
          Tracker #200

[2011-04-04] Version

     [bug]  Malformed RSS links
     [bug]  jclrecaptcha dom access before domready
     [chg]  Editor button title links insert link to event
     [chg]  Added global metadata configuration .ics import skipping events with UID differences involving certain characters

[2011-03-01 ] Version

     [bug]   Remote ical import from https
     [chg]   Added rel="nofollow" to print button in toolbar
     [chg]   Modules use multiselects instead of comma delimited text
     [chg]   Prepending "Print" to Print View titles
     [chg]   Removed category sort option
     [chg]   Installation SQL changed to support MySQL 5.5 (#34)
     [chg]   More filter items available in event manager (#164)
     [chg]   Option to switch RSS feed behavior
     [bug]   Future events in RSS feeds (#140)
     [bug]   Incorrect display of "print" button
     [bug]   "Noon" and "Midnight" display when minute is greater than
     [bug]   Fatal error during import in certain cases (#151)
     [chg]   Installed themes reinstalled after update
     [bug]  Fatal error caused by missing print_event()
     [chg]   Upgrade process no longer requires uninstall

[2011-01-31 ] Version

     [bug]  Multiple security issues
     [chg]  JomSocial Events and I'll Be There RSVP integration

[2010-08-17] Version

     [bug] Low-level security issue : potential path disclosure on direct file access
           Tracker #148
     [bug] PHP error is displayed instead of message when iCal is disabled in
           configuration, but a request is made for an iCal file
           Tracker #137

[2010-06-12] Version

     [bug] Incorrect upcoming events count on categories view, if show past event is set to yes
           Tracker #127
     [chg] New lines in imported ical files are now turned into <br />, so as to display properly (when HTML is allowed in descriptions)
           Tracker #131
     [bug] WHen importing from iCal file, floating dates are assumed to be UTC instead of website timezone
           Tracker #135
     [bug] Events in "registered" categories show up in the search
           Tracker #133
     [bug] Notice errors on minical on some servers
           Tracker #134
     [bug] Missing CONFIG_EXT declararation causes notice error on frontend
           Tracker #132
     [new] Added workaround for PHP timezone database issue as per http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=51819
           Tracker #125
     [chg] Better detection of JomSocial being installed. Was causing errors when Mighty Touch was installed, as they share same directory structure
           Tracker #123
     [bug] Incorrect pixel image name in default theme, pixel.gif instead of spacer.gif
           Tracker #121
     [new] Added Romanian language file
           Tracker #119
     [chg] Typo in French language file
     [chg] Legacy plugin content syntax cannot handle some signs in description
           Tracker #128
     [bug] Possible notice error when viewing an event

[2010-03-30] Version

     [chg] Minical should not show "Add new event" link when viewed from within Flex module
           Tracker #115
     [chg] Remmoved main toolbar display when creating or editing an event
           Tracker #117
     [new] Added support code for new JCal Editor plugin, which allows easy insert of events in Joomla content
     [bug] Sometimes jcalpro plugin for sh404sef can generate a fatal error (jcUTCDateToFormat does not exist)
     [bug] JCal toolbar icons may not display sometimes after uninstalling premium theme
           Tracker #112
     [chg] Updated display and print stylesheet for default theme
     [bug] Empty cell when displaying the add new event form to not-logged in users
           Tracker #111
     [new] Missing index.html file
           Tracker #110
     [chg] Improved printing for all views, with new layout, button and css
           Tracker #8
     [chg] We now remove all html from an event description when exporting to iCal. Only raw text is left
     [new] Added METHOD field to exported iCal files, to improve compatibility with Outlook 2003
     [chg] Updated links to download and documentation page on documentation page in backend
           Tracker #107
     [bug] Searched events displayed date differ from actual dates
           Tracker #99
     [new] Added separate stylesheet for calendar printouts
           Tracker #8
     [chg] Removed depracted "Show default view" menu item type, replaced by "Show month view"
           Tracker #59
     [chg] Removed bold attributes in css for default theme
           Tracker #85
     [bug] Mini cal validation error
           Tracker #71
     [chg] Updated Spanish Language file
           Tracker #66
     [new] Added date format parameter to latest event content plugin
           Tracker #26
     [new] Use cookie instead of url to return to correct page after editing an event
           Tracker #68
     [chg] Several notice type errors when adding new event on front end, plus improved print layout
           Tracker #105
     [chg] Updated language string when deleting child events
           Tracker #42
     [bug] Popup display of events don't work from Latest events module
           Tracker #104
     [bug] Minical not using its own parameters, picks up itemid of first Jcal Menu item
           Tracker #102
     [bug] Itemid is not passed along in main menu when Joomla SEF is used
           Tracker #90
     [bug] Direct access to this location forbidden for Greek and SLovak languages
           Tracker #100
     [bug] Show only own events setting may not work when use as a menu item override
           Tracker #95
     [bug] Several "notices" errors (show if error_reporting php function does not work)
           Tracker #98
     [bug] ical import not working : error Class 'JCalEvent' not found
           Tracker #75
     [bug] Logged in user can edit private, read-only, event of other user
           Tracker #94 

[2010-02-09] Version

     [bug] Calendar popup when creating recurring events in backend is not initialized with today's date
           Tracker #44
     [chg] Removed deprecated backend parameters : popup sizes and flat view pictures display
           Tracker #79
     [bug] Links to overlib library may sometimes be wrong
           Tracker #78
     [bug] Dates out of order in category view when events span more than one month
           Tracker #64
     [chg] Jomsocial 1.6.x now requires userid to be passed in url. Adjusted JCal pro plugins accordingly
           Tracker #83
     [bug] iCal download may not apply categories and calendars restrictions
     [bug] Class JCalEvent not found error when importing events
           Tracker #75

[2010-01-17] Version

     [new] Better integration with sh404sef and more url control : sh404sef now has a Jcal pro section in its "Plugins" configuration, providing several settings to adjust url layout
     [bug] Javascript using bad event names (onClick) would cause failed validation
           Tracker #71
     [new] Added check in Flex module, to avoid Fatal error if JCal has been uninstalled
     [chg] Added dummy database entries in manifest file, to avoid Community Builder showing warning messages about our plugin when running database tools
     [bug] End time display may be missing for some events on monthly view
           Tracker #72
     [chg] Added some checks to prevent notice errors when installing/uninstalling
     [bug] When used with sh404sef, append/prepend to page title feature of sh404sef does not work on jcalpro pages
           Tracker #70
     [new] Parameters to control SEF url creation with sh404sef have been added to sh404sef main control panel. Updated JCal pro SEF URL plugin to comply
     [bug] Bad value when using "get as ical" with "All-day" events, can cause fatal error
           Tracker #65

[2009-12-22] Version 

     [bug] Events could show twice in Flex module if JCal is set to show only start and end day of multi-days events
     [bug] Fatal error when copying event in backend
           Tracker #60
     [bug] Missing success message when adding event in backend
           Tracker #58
     [new] Past events are now displayed up until one second ago, instead of current time, to improve ability to open correct panel in Flex module
     [new] Whether CB is still installed when uninstalling JCal pro. Could cause errors when trying to preserve config upon uninstallation, if CB has been removed by user prior to JCal
     [chg] Changes to Joomla accordion to allow for multiple instances of Flex module on same page
           Tracker #52
     []    -55-Minical module does not use correct option value on links to specific dates. Also shows in Flex module, when set to display a minical in a panel
           Tracker #55

[2009-12-15] Version

     [chg] Updated Portuguese translation
           Tracker #53
     [chg] Added support for storing parameters of multiple instances of JCal pro modules when going through an upgrade
           Tracker #51
     [bug] Wrong end date for multi-days events, when Jcal is set to display only start and end day of event
           Tracker #45

[2009-12-09] Version

     [bug] All days events don't show start time in backend, only "all day"
           Tracker #47
     [chg] Replaced Moovur anti-spam with reCaptcha
           Tracker #34
     [bug] On some MYSQL servers, an error 1048 is thrown when editing a recurring event
           Tracker #41
     [bug] Display error on categories view if display of iCal export icon is switched off in configuration
           Tracker #38

[2009-12-02] Version

     [bug] Editing recurring events from backend deletes child events
           Tracker #37

[2009-11-23] Version

     [bug] WHen adding event, if user does not have enough privilege, there is an infinite redirect loop instead of a simple error message
           Tracker #33
     [new] Flex module can now display events either as an event list or as a minicalendar
     [bug] Category list does not comply to "Show past events setting as other views do
     [chg] Get as iCal button removed from toolbar on "View categories" view, as there are no events on that view
           Tracker #32
     [chg] Move template javascript to separate file
           Tracker #6
     [bug] All day events are not exported correctly to iCal. End time should be set to end of day
           Tracker #29
     [new] Php 5.3 compatibility
           Tracker #7
     [bug] Using Joomfish, only parent event of a recurring event was translated correctly. Children would loose their translation upon saving
           Tracker #13
     [bug] Missing hidden field in edit form would cause loosing common event id (internal id) in some cases
     [bug] On some servers, events happening on same day as a DST switch will be displayed on wrong day in month, flat, week and day views
           Tracker #24
     [bug] Latest events 12hrs/24hrs display setting works opposite to what they should
           Tracker #23

 [2009-10-29] Version

     [chg] More consistent time display on all views, for events spanning more than one day : display start time on first day, end time on last day, and a symbol for middle days
     [chg] Better title for "Categories" view link, now adds "Categories" text in title only if a specific calendar is selected, to avoid having Categories twice in the title
     [bug] Wrong Itemid used when calculating page title, if several menu items leading to a calendar view
     [bug] Incorrect link to logo on post-install welcome page
     [chg] SEF urls creation with sh404sef changed : menu item title no longer inserted as root of url (can still be forced by setting constant in com_jcalpro/sef_ext/com_jcalpro_lib). Also, superfluous &date=XX-YY-ZZ removed from some links displayed in main monthly view
           Tracker #9
     [bug] Javascript error when editing a child or detached from recurrence event
           Tracker #20
     [chg] Add new method for entering am/pm times to backend event editing
           Tracker #19
     []    Fatal error in flex module, when upgrading to latest version of JCal because of a new backend parameter added. Requires going to Flex module backend and save parameters once so that database is up to date. Added a check to load default values, so as to avoid fatal error.
           Tracker #11
     [chg] Missing "eventsdate" class in latest events module
           Tracker #17
     [bug] Events may appear twice on same day
           Tracker #15
     [bug] Event displays on wrong date depending on timezone/dst configuration
           Tracker #14
     [chg] Latest events module now defaults to 24hrs time display, like Flex module
     [chg] Replaced time format parameter in Flex module by simple choice between 12hrs/24hrs format as in other modules. Allow using our JCal libraries to correctly display am/pm even in languages for which PHP does not support it
           Tracker #18417
     [bug] Categories view and category content view do not apply categories and calendar restrictions that may be set at menu item level
           Tracker #17619
     [bug] When creating Jcal pro menu items, parameters are shown in boht Basic and Components sections by Joomla
     [chg] Minical and monthly view now only show links to individual days if they have events
     [chg] Changed time selection method when creating/editing events to better distinguish between noon and midnight when using am/pm notation
           Tracker #18413
     [bug] Joomla sef router adds Itemid to menu items links, preventing direct links to views to work properly (always show month view)
           Tracker #18439
     [bug] Drop down calendar selection list is not centered about the calendar icons toolbar
           Tracker #18222
     [bug] Repeating events show date of start day instead of current day in rss feeds
     [bug] Editing an event on the frontend would not store it as the per the currently selected language, but instead always modify the original event
           Tracker #18236
     []    Incomplete - taskJCal Pro® 2.2.x development
     [new] Added new types of menu items (displayed when creating a JCal pro menu item) : day, week, flat, categories, search page
     [bug] On showing a category content, date of events displayed on other day than their start date show start date instead of actual day
     [bug] Warning messages displayed when showing empty category content (if server is set to dsiplay warnings)
           Tracker #18379
     [new] Added parameter to control the format of time display in Flex module
           Tracker #18417
     [chg] Now using Joomla JFolder class to delete folder after theme install. As such, removed usage of chmod
           Tracker #18422
     [chg] Removed un-needed, legacy, slash stripping, may cause issue with other extensions such as iJoomla
           Tracker #18220
     [bug] Today's date on Categories view and per category view show yesterday date
           Tracker #18242
     [bug] Bad language string identifier in Danish language file
           Tracker #18291
     [new] Added menu item type to add a new event
           Tracker #18026
     [bug] CB plugins use php short tags
           Tracker #18316
     [bug] When events are shown in popups, link to cateory generates a 404 error, page not found
           Tracker #17868
     [chg] Changed backend display to 24 hours format, using JDate for UTF-8 compat
           Tracker #18119-18120
     [bug] iCal export : now export all dates/times as UTC times, to avoid timezones ceonversions errors when using the file. Also, now trim description and summary for unneeded leading and trailing line feeds
     [bug] Export event as iCal may give incorrect times on some servers, if server timezone is different from site timezone
     [bug] Multi-days events may be displayed on wrong date, or disappear, under some combinations of site and server timezones and dst
           Tracker #17992
     [bug] All day events may be displayed on wrong days on monthly view
           Tracker #18188
     [bug] Incorrect database selection when searching events based on last update date. May affect rss feeds
     [chg] Added php 5.3 compatibility
           Tracker #18047
     [chg] In Latest events module, no text is displayed when there is no upcoming events but user has defined number of events to display to 0
           Tracker #18033
     [bug] Search plugin would return default language version of event, instead of current language (when Joomfish installed)
           Tracker #17965
     [bug] Categories view would show count of all events, even if Show past events is switched off
           Tracker #18005
     [bug] Missing strings in some languages files for theme manager
           Tracker #18121
     [bug] Approval field not displayed in event form on the front-end, for non-admin users
           Tracker #18092
     [chg] Added loading joomla html library to search plugin for use together with Advanced search plugin
           Tracker #17940
     [bug] Bad translation for e-mail field name in German language files
           Tracker #17911
     [bug] Importing iCalendar from url would not work - also added some cases of importing recurring events (from iCalendar)
           Tracker #17434
     [chg] Moved hardcoded strong tags to css in default theme
           Tracker #17514
     [bug] Flex module does not initially open correct pane if some panes are disabled
           Tracker #16966
     [chg] Bad French language wording for all-day events
     [bug] Rss feed body does not show description but title instead
           Tracker #17546
     [bug] All-day events still show start times if "Show start times only" is
           Tracker #17250
     [bug] Incorrect tooltip in Flex module backend
           Tracker #17268
     [bug] User does not see his own event in CB/JS tabs
           Tracker #17440
     [bug] Undefined offset notice display on approval page when changing
           display setting
           Tracker #17442
     [bug] Incorrect timezone handling for timezones with uneven offsets (ie
     [bug] Fixed privacy label when editing event in the backend
     [chg] Improved handling of user own events restrictions for Community
           Builder and Joomsocial plugins
     [chg] Removed legacy compare functions, conflicting with older versions of
     [chg] Improved navigation through various views and events, conserving
           current date while navigating
           Tracker #17324
     [new] Added return url logic to Add event for a given day from the main
           Monthly view
     [bug] Wrong routing of URL prevents date pre-filling when adding a new
           evetn from monthly view, using the small + icon on a given day
     [chg] Changed text lable for Privacy field in backend event entry form
           Tracker #17353
     [new] Added new option in Flex module : show events currently on
     [chg] Today's all-day events now appear in Latest event module as Upcoming
           event instead of recent event
           Tracker #17294
     [bug] Fixed import of recurrng events from Jcal pro 1.5
           Tracker #17270
     [bug] Wrongly formatted administrator approval alert email for "all day" and "no event date" events
           Tracker #17281
     [new] Added print icon on every view, can be disabled in
     [chg] After deleting an event upon approval, we now redirect back to the approval page instead of main calendar page
           Tracker #17266
     [bug] Flex module would not open initial panel as per backend settings, due to internal refactoring of code
           Tracker #16966
     [chg] Refactored hcal/Rdfa microformat output in flex module using decorator pattern (uses shAbstractDecorator class)
     [chg] Integrated event import from previous JCal pro version with iCal sources import page
     [bug] All day events may display start time
           Tracker #17250
     [bug] Unwanted line break in default theme cause bad request to event-active.gif
           Tracker #17185
     [chg] Changed table styling to css class for new/edit event form
           Tracker #17209
     [bug] sh404sef plugin does not take into account event approval, thus preventing admin approval to work if sh404sef is in use
           Tracker #17194
     [bug] Time display off by one hour on some servers for latest events and Flex module, due to dst issue
           Tracker #17189
     [bug] iCalcreator creates empty ics file in root dir when downloading events as iCal
           Tracker #17208
     [bug] Wrong joomla sef urls routing would prevent admin to approve, edit or delete events
           Tracker #17194
     [bug] Correct Itemid not set on search results (correct template may not be shown when clicking on event link)
           Tracker #17146
     [bug] Undefined index message on joomla event search  results
           Tracker #17145
     [new] Import of iCal events from file (*.ics) or url
     [bug] Wrong default value for recur until value
     [bug] Incorrect return value in iCalCreator class when parsing an ics file
     [bug] Flex module displays All-day events on every panel
     [chg] Disable compression routines in shajax lib, would cause utf-8 compatibility issues
     [new] Added support for iCal export of events
     [chg] Removed unneeded xmlrpc lib
     [bug] Cat and cal translations in Latest events module are not used
           Tracker #17066
     [bug] Wrong SEF url on front end event approval link
           Tracker #17039
     [new] Added parameter to enable/disable Moovur/mollom anti-spam check
           Tracker #16964
     [bug] Opening state settings of flex module not respected
           Tracker #16966
     [new] Added default text to display when no events to show in Flex module
           Tracker #16965
     [chg] Default values for privacy settings in Jomsocial/CB plugins changed to show only events the user owns
           Tracker #16962
     [bug] Special characters wrongly displayed in page title
     [new] Added microformat on flex module output (hcalendar and RDFa)
     [new] First alpha version release
     [new] Added flex module
     [chg] Replaced multiple radio button with select list in component parameters
     [new] Added Mollom anti-spam support through Moovur component
     [new] Improved display and sorting options when viewing events in backend
     [new] Added Community builder minical plugin
     [new] Added Joomsocial latest event plugin
     [new] Added Community Builder latest events plugin
     Initial import. 



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