sh404SEF is now available!

sh404SEF is now available!

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of sh404SEF 3.4.6 (build 1269), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 1.7 and 2.5!

This release is the first for many of the members of our new translation team, a very special thanks to you all.

Maintenance release - Improved SEO of Facebook buttons, and more flexible tags to insert social buttons in content. Various fixes dealing with multilingual sites. and still: Create and insert Open Graph data, insert Facebook, Tweeter, G+ and G+ pages icons, and track all clicks in Analytics dashboard in your site backend. Plus QR codes, Analytics, shUrls, full url and meta data management.

The full sh404SEF changelog for sh404SEF is also available.

sh404SEF version

[new] Added 301 auto-redirect to protect against pages of your site
which have been Facebook-liked using old method, that can
generate fb_xd_fragment and fb_xd_bust duplicate content issue
[new] Implemented channelUrl for Facebook like/send button, to protect
against fb_xd_fragment and fb_xd_bust SEO issues
[new] You can now select exactly which social button to display on a tag by tag basis, using 'type' attribute in { sh404sef_social_buttons } tags
[chg] Updated Spanish translation by Diego Hagopian
[chg] Updated Russian translation (Alex Smirnov)
[chg] Updated Romanian translation (Valentin Barbu)
[chg] Updated Italian translation (Andrea Castrovilli)
[chg] Updated German translation (Jürgen Hörmann)
[chg] Updated Bulgarian translation (Kiril Yoviev)
[chg] Cleaned up all language files, key deduplication, ready to upload
to translation server
[chg] Simple title and better robots meta on 404 page
[chg] Don't show Open graph data on 404 pages
[chg] Removed Virtuemart 1.x plugin
[chg] Better detection of item category, when displaying social
buttons, will work also when article is displayed inside a module
Tracker #103
[chg] Replaced deprecated function in Mosets Tree plugin
Tracker #97
plus various bug fixes...

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