jCalPro 3 Beta (build 3003) is now available for testing

jCalPro 3 Beta (build 3003) is now available for testing

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of jCalPro 3.0.0 Beta (build 3003), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 1.7!

This release is available to the public for testing (download).

Public discussions and submissions take place in The Laboratory

A full public changelog is not available for BETA versions. Below is a summary of changes that have been implemented since the Jan 17 release (build 2559). Numerous bugs have been fixed and and some new features thanks to our BETA testers. All participants in the public BETA program are advised to update to the latest available version to continue testing.

Thank you for your participation.

jCalPro version BETA

[feature] Default approval status for new events should be "yes"
[bug] justification in default theme
[bug] Third Thursday repeat error
[enhancement] default theme colors
[feature] Moderation system - emails, ACL
[enhancement] Repeat method and Repeat End Date should probably move ... backend layout
[bug] odd system message when creating events (must provide at least one email)
[bug] Event description shows to users who do not have permission to view
[bug] Sample events need to be approved ... (may require testers to uninstall and reinstall)
[bug] Events to Approve page does not show the events (filters could be confusing)
[enhancement] Sunday + (add Event) color to close to background
[bug] monthly view giving a router error
[bug] View Word limits
[bug] Events to Approve button shows for guests
[enhancement] Default theme (css, template css)
[feature] need filters for registrations manager.
[bug] Events at from noon till 12:59pm show after other PM events
[enhancement] invalid form notice is vague
[bug] Categories Model published state (deleted categories still display)
[bug] router needs love (SEF issues)
[feature] Option to display minicalendar module in one line
[bug] Using router.php the "Add event" button needs more "love"
[bug] add event not working with sh404sef
[bug] "Any Form Type" not functional in the field editor
[feature] Event manager needs APPROVE and UNAPPROVE buttons
[feature] Category filters need to be added for menu item parameters
[bug] Hover bug in ocean
[feature] footer version
[bug] Add event link fails with sh404SEF activated.
[feature] 16px icon for components menu
[enhancement] Toolbar Icons for default theme (ocean)
[bug] Event registration form does not show chosen fields
[bug] Registrations list, does not get displayed
[feature] Exporting events registrations
[feature] New Tooltip

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