jCalPro 3 Beta (build 2559) is now available for testing

jCalPro 3 Beta (build 2559) is now available for testing

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of jCalPro 3.3.0 Beta (build 2559), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 1.7!

This release is available to the public for testing (download).

Public discussions and submissions take place in The Laboratory

A full public changelog is not available for BETA versions. Below is a summary of changes that have been implemented since the original BETA release. Numerous bugs have been fixed and and some new features thanks to our BETA testers. All participants in the public BETA program are advised to update to the latest available version to continue testing.

Thank you for your participation.

jCalPro version BETA

[fix] New backend logo still has "JCal Pro" text displayed
[fix] Updated logo for about screen     com_jcalpro
[fix] new icon - new back end logo icon
[fix] Missing lang strings
[fix] Search results page using router.php
[feature] need a method to export the registration data as excel or cvs
[fix] Dropdown category list under jcalpro menu problem with router.php
[fix] Error creating repeating events
[fix] Add Event not working on front end
[fix] Better error message when selecting you forget to select a category
[fix] Event confirmation should return user to event detail, not default view
[feature] Switch icons in toolbar.
[fix] Ajax mode loading notification
[fix] How can I change a category when I haven`t selected one yet
[fix] Call to undefined method JCalProModelCategory
[fix] Missing lang string JCalPro » com_jcalpro_events_VIEW_DEFAULT_TITLE
[feature] need to be able to re-order options in a custom field
[feature] Need a method to order/arrange custom fields in form.
[feature] Registrations link needs an icon on the dashboard.
[fix] Confirmation emails generated by backend registration have incorrect URL
[fix] registration time bug - Events starting late in the day cannot be created because they yield invalid date
[fix] lang string update - "Category" should state "Primary category"
[fix] Error when "Saving" changes on an event
[fix] Daily/Flat views bad category list layout using "Previous/Next" month
[fix] save not permitted error during event registration
[fix] Integer list data not showing on frontend - some custom fields not showing in forms
[fix} Can`t remove Form Fields one by one
[fix] Registrations link in the JCal Pro menu - backend link to registrations missing
[fix] changing categories and custom field display
[fix] Custom registration form not displyed when registering a user on the backend.
[fix] Only one custom field is showing up in the backend for event details
[feature] sample data additions - add some sample data for easier testing
[feature] install page preamble edits - change info displayed after installation
[feature] Email confirmation for registration
[fix] Guests cannot register twice for an event. - when guest (access level) registration is enabled, guest is only able to register once

* Please note that all support is handled on this forum.
** Please read the FAQs and Documentation before posting:
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FAQs: Advanced Search | JCal Pro® | Josetta | RSVP | sh404SEF®

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