After a number requests from users, I am glad to report that our "simple notifications" add-on for Joomla now supports the UTF-8 character format.

In other words, if you use Shotimoo to add pop-up notices to your Joomla web site, you will now be able to use the full UTF-8 character set. This is essential for non-english language implementations and accented characters for example.

Shotimoo is a free module for Joomla 2.5 and can be obtained from our Public Downloads area.

Joomla 1.5 is also supported.

Today we are proud to announce the immediate availability of Shotimoo 1.1.6 (build 38), which is fully compatible with Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5!

Shotimoo is a Joomla! module and can be download from our site for free.

This is a maintenance release.

Notes: This release includes URF-8 Support

Joomla! 2.5 compatibility Joomla! 2.5 compatibility

Switch Editor is a simple add-on that allows you to quickly and conveniently disable the WYSIWYG editor in the Joomla administrative backend or to switch between the available editors as required.

For example, when you need to edit a module or article that contains code normally stripped out by most WYSIWYG editors, Switch Editor allows you to avoid the rather tedious task of switching the editor in Joomla’s global configuration area (both before AND after editing the content) and thus saves time and frustration.

Upon installation, a lightweight drop-down menu with the available editor options is displayed at the top-right of the administration area so that you never have to navigate away from your content to make changes with the appropriate editor (or no editor at all).

Switch Editor has been written from the ground-up as a native extension for Joomla 2.5 and subsequent versions.

Like what you see?

If you use Switch Editor, please leave a rating and review at the Joomla Extensions Directory (login required).

Installation, requirements and download

Switch Editor was written for Joomla 2.5 and beyond.

If your site meets this requirement, simply download from our Public Downloads area and install using the standard Joomla installer. Switch Editor is automatically published in the status module position and enabled so additional configuration is not required.


Once installed, you will notice a new drop-down menu at the top-right of the Joomla administrative backend. Simply select the desired editor mode from the menu to refresh the page with the new setting.

The editor mode can be changed as often as is convenient.

Please note that any unsaved changes to your content will be lost when you switch editors. Thus, it is advisable to switch or disable the editor before making any changes to the content.


As a free product, formal support is not available for Switch Editor. However, bugs or problems can be raised in the comments below.


Editor Switcher

Joomla! 2.5 compatibilityJoomla! 1.5 native compatibility

Shotimoo is a user notification system that is displayed to visitors on the frontend of your Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 2.5 web site.

Based on the excellent Notimoo script, shotimoo has a very cool look and feel, and can be used to let users know about special offers, new blog post, upcoming maintenance tasks/site outages or any other information you want to convey to your users.

As a module, shotimoo is very agile and you can place multiple instances of it on different menu items with different notices. You can even specify the start and end time for easy "set it and forget it" functionality.

Like what you see?

If you use Shotimoo, please leave a rating and review at the Joomla Extensions Directory (login required).

Installation, requirements and download

Shotimoo makes use of the Notimoo javascript package, and thus requires Mootools version 1.2+. On Joomla! 1.5, this means the System - Mootools upgrade plugin that came with your Joomla! must be published.

Shotimoo is a Joomla! module and can be download from our site for free. Please follow these steps:

  1. Downloaded
  2. If upgrading from a prior version, be sure to uninstall the legacy plugin,
  3. Install the module using Joomla! installer. If upgrading, removing the existing module is not necessary.
  4. In the module manager, locate mod_shotimoo, configure as approprriate and then publish.


After installation, you can publish the module on various pages of your site. An instance of the module can display up to 3 notification boxes, in one of the 4 corners of the screen. If more than one box is displayed by a module (thus in the same corner), they will stack up together, evenly spaced.

You can also make copies of the module (using the Copy button of Joomla! module manager), to have different displays ready for different situations, and assign specific copies of the module to specific pages.

Each individual notification box can be set to automatically close after a set time. The time must be entered in milliseconds in the module parameters. Leave that number to 0 for the box to stay open. In any case, your visitor can close the box by clicking anywhere on it.

Lastly, 2 fields are also available for each notification message, allowing you to set a start and end date and time to display the notification. This means you don't have to be standing by in the middle of the night to enable a give notification message by publishing the module. Just program start and end date for it!

One last word: do not overuse notifications. A notification message should bring some useful information to your visitors, not annoy them to the point they'll just go away!


You can see demo notices in the bottom-right corner of this very page!





Version: Shotimoo 1.1.7
Date: 2012-09-08

[bug] "+" bug fix

Version: Shotimoo 1.1.6
Date: 2012-06-06

[feature] URF-8 Support

Version: Shotimoo 1.1.5

[bug] Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Version: Shotimoo 1.1.4

[feature] Joomla 1.7+ support
[note] As of 1.1.4, plg_shotimoo is no longer necessary. Everything is now handled in the module. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU UNINSTALL THE PLUGIN BEFORE INSTALLING 1.1.4! If you install 1.1.4 first, then uninstall plg_shotimoo 1.1.3, the assets for 1.1.4 will be removed from /media. 1.1.4 is Joomla! 2.5 compatible.

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