Why Joomla Isn’t Killing It On Pinterest... Yet


When I bring up Pinterest in certain circles, I can see the smirks. As a male colleague once said to me: “Why do I care about a place online where women are exchanging recipes and saving ideas for how they want to decorate their living room?”

On the surface, this does seem to be a valid point. But the numbers don’t lie about the significance of Pinterest not just as a social network but as a true marketing engine:

And if we know that women (who are 80% of Pinterest users) account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care, we know that not only do we have a website with buzz but also a website with some bee sting behind the buzz.

So if Pinterest is a site that is driving traffic to other websites, engaging users, and appealing to a demographic of people that spend money, why wouldn’t a website want to do well there? You might not want to be on Pinterest yourself but you at least want visitors to your website to be able to share things on Pinterest.

More people are blogging on the Wordpress platform.

Blog content (and unique content in general) is highly shared on Pinterest, like many social media sites. As someone on Pinterest, I am not going to link to an image on the homepage for Tide but I might pin a video on Tide’s website about how to remove tough stains.

The helpful, instructional, and fun content is often on a blog and half of all blogs run on Wordpress. So with more blogs on Wordpress it’s follows that more content is being shared from Wordpress websites then Joomla websites on Pinterest.

In other words, if more people blogged regularly on Joomla platforms, Joomla websites would be more visible in the Pinterest community.

If you are blogging in Joomla, adding some kind of easy ‘Pin it’ button might be a good way to put the idea to your blog readers that you care about Pinterest. (While there are some Pinterest-specific extensions in the Joomla Extension Directory and great SEO tools like sh404SEF® support pinning, many popular social media sharing extensions have also been adding Pinterest buttons to the Facebook, Twitter, and other options they’ve offered historically.)

Joomla users seem to care less about graphics.

Let’s see some evidence, shall we?


As you see, Wordpress folks are making a lot more infographics (ie highly shareable image content) then Joomla folks. The data provided shows that infographics are published (and tagged as "infographics") on wordpress sites about 11 times as often compared to Joomla sites. You cannot infer that WP users like graphics better. However, since the 11-fold difference is higher than the 6-fold difference in the number of websites published using each platform, we can certainly say that infographics are more common on WP sites.This is one statistic but it’s not hard to see that while some Joomla websites have strong graphics, many Wordpress sites do.

Think I’m being unfair? Just because Joomla users are creating less infographics, doesn’t mean they care less about design. Let’s do another search, this time related to templates being produced and shared:


As you see, there have been way more Wordpress themes designed than Joomla ones... but is this because Joomla users care less about design than functionality? It’s hard to measure sentiment but some evidence exists that there is just less out there related to design in the Joomla world.

If artistic infographics, beautiful photos, or amazing videos happen to be on Joomla websites, they will also be shared on Pinterest. So if you are a Joomla blogger, make a commitment to include at least one unique image (not iStockphoto) to go with each blog post and make sure there is at least one great graphic, photo, or video on the most important static pages of your website.

More women are on Pinterest... but are they using Wordpress or Joomla?

Joomla has been making great strides to include women in their community. This is not something. I’m not saying Wordpress is doing any better on this front (I was one of three female speakers at a 24 hour Wordpress event recently) ; the web development field in general has less women in it then other fields. But as women play more of a role in developing software, designing websites, presenting at conferences, and all aspects of web development, their voices will be reflected... and these thoughts shared on social networks more popular with women like Pinterest.

So as Joomla users begin to blog more frequently; consider image treatment more seriously; and involve the core demographic in new developments more thoughtfully, interest in Joomla on Pinterest will no doubt increase to the benefit not only of individual websites but to Joomla as a project, a software, and a community.

About Nicole Ouellette 

Nicole Ouellette is an internet marketer living on the Maine coast. She likes short dogs and all kinds of other trouble. She blogs (in Wordpress, shhhh) at www.breakingeveninc.com/blog

What’s next See our follow-up tutorial on how to add pinterest support to your Joomla web site and control the image that Pinterest pins from.

Last modified on May142013
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