The Elements of Effective Notification Emails

In the recent weeks we looked at how JCal Pro® 3 has integrated email notifications, and how this relates to managing registrations.

The JCal Pro® 3 Email Manager provides extremely powerful and flexible automatic notification system calendar-related email.

Let’s look into some simple opportunities to optimize your email notifications to increase leads, and repeat registrants.


Good upselling starts with paying attention what your users are interested in already. Following event registration, a notification with post-sale upsell is one of the most commonly overlooked techniques. It’s much easier to sell another product or event ticket to an existing customer than it is to find a new one.

Be relevant

The biggest reason users choose not to click a call to action is lack of relevance. It is easy to create a generic automatic notification for each event, and makes automation a breeze. To continually send the same email over are methods that drive users crazy.

Clear the clutter

A large piece of this puzzle is the actual email content. When it comes to email content keep it short and sweet. Think like a newspaper editor, and strive to convey information in a condensed, headline style. When your text is succinct users will understand it quickly and easily. Display it prominently so people do find what they’re looking for and understand what to do next.

Fat Fingers

Which is worse: the customer missing the link in long paragraphs of text, or the customer having a hard time clicking a link? Apple requires icons and images meet specific criteria so that iOS can display them properly and meet their human usability guidelines. Fingers are less accurate than a cursor, your email needs to pay special attention to call to action buttons. In your content area 48 x 48 pixels is the suggested minimum call to action size.

Apple icons size 48 x 48

Robot Unicorn Attack

Be Engaging

User are accustomed to interacting with companies on websites and in social media. Email marketers can often increase loyalty by engaging recipients with a social sharing opportunity or interactive content, such as video.

Now that you have some basic email marketing tactics, put them to use. Sign up for our newsletter below.

Last modified on Jun122013
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