Selecting the best Group Password Manager for your small business

Joomla Launches Campaign for a Safer Internet and raises the bar on delivering security to the open source community.

On the 11th February 2014, the eleventh annual Safer Internet Day will take place with the theme ‘Let's create a better internet together'.

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Recently at Anything Digital we needed to find a solution for a team password manager, here's is how we are making our internal process safe.

Selecting the best Group Password Manager for your small business

When we decided it was time for Anything Digital to adopt stricter policies in our project management methods, one of my concerns was how to share import security information effectively.

Project Management Systems (PMS) can generally be used to create project notes including credentials. Another method may be to create a spreadsheet that is shared on a shared drive on your Virtual Private Network (VPN), cloud service, or on Google docs. These may be secured with the PMS logins, and may even have 2-Factor authentication.

During this process we thought you might be interested not only in what the ‘best password manager for groups' is, but an overview of how we go about selecting software and tools that we use.


1. Why do we need it?

We have many projects and need to ensure that our clients' information and our own is accessed securely.

  • Increase security
  • Protect privacy
  • Manage credentials easier
  • Share credentials easier

2. Find possible solutions

Interestingly we found that others were thinking about the same processes, some had implemented solutions, while others were using methods such as sharing credentials in notes in their Project management Systems (PMS). Some of us already used password managers, all existing tools are included in the comparison.

  • Google
  • Talk to others in Anything Digital (also discuss any non-starters at this point)
  • Talk to other companies we work with

3. What must it do?

Keep things as easy to manage as possible.

  • Support groups (each project can become a group, so we can add people to the group to get access to appropriate resources easily)
  • A hosted solution (We do not want to maintain software and server)

4. What is our budget?

up to $500

5. Reduce the list

  • No to all that do not have a group administrator
  • No to all that are self-hosted
  • No to all that are far out of budget

6. What do we want it to do?

  • Admin Dashboard
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Manage Teams (sub-groups)
  • Assign and Revoke Credentials easily
  • Share Notes securely
  • See Spreadsheet for all features

7. How does it fit in existing processes and systems?

  • Talk to all staff, make sure all/most mobile and desktop devices are supported
  • Check for integration/usability with our core tools
  • Check for integration/usability with our products and service (Joomla, Watchful)
  • Add all to spreadsheet for comparison

8. Select vendor and contractor

  • We selected Last Past as it suited our needs best
  • Vendor has history/good reviews
  • no contractor required
  • Create guidelines and docs if necessary

9. Implement

  • This is a simple solution - no training required
  • Present in meeting, include the discuss best practices

10. Evaluate

  • Ask immediate feedback
  • Ask for feedback in 1 week, 1 month

The best online password managers are designed to offer convenience and safety. You need to know that your passwords are secure and won't be found by other people. After testing all the different password protector services, we compiled a list of some of the most important characteristics to look for in our reviews of the best online password managers.

We are interested in your password manager solution as well. Please drop us a note, let the community know what works best for your company.

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