extplorer vulnerability may affect up to 1 in 10 Joomla sites

Yesterday a vulnerability in the eXtplorer extension for Joomla was confirmed, this critical issue may be putting the security of up to 1 in 10 Joomla sites at risk.

Website that are affected are vulnerable to an exploit which can gain access to the sites files with full permissions.

This issue has been addressed by the developers and we advise that all affected sites immediately uninstall eXtplorer, and update with the latest version if the extension is required. Note that uninstalling the affected component is required, before installing the latest version that does not contain this vulnerability.

As always it is recommended that all sites remain up to date, however in this special case even updating alone may not be sufficient. An uninstall of the affected extension before upgrading is required.

How to fix extplorer vulnerability

The Watchful team has posted a blog with additional details, and has created special utilities to help administrators manage this crisis in minutes no matter how many sites you have that may be affected.

Please see the HOW TO FIX THE SECURITY VULNERABILITY AFFECTING 1 IN EVERY 10 JOOMLA SITES for details how to deal with this security issue.

Additional Joomla Security Resources 

Last modified on Dec192013
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