SEO Mobile 2013 Contest Announcement

Our mobile SEO contest came to a close this past week.

To celebrate the launch of sh404sef for Joomla 3, we ran two contests. The first contest was Twitter-based, and winners were randomly selected from people tweeting our #JoomlaSEO hashtag.

A special thank-you goes out to everyone who tweeted about this mobile seo contest. It created a lot of social buzz about the release of sh404SEF® for Joomla 3.0. With almost 900 entries over the 5 week contest duration, our event was a great success. We gave away 5 subscriptions our SEO software, sh404SEF®.

Our winners include Jeff Mayland, who we had the pleasure of meeting in last year at the Joomla World Conference in San Jose.


Our remaining winners of our software giveaway:

dravindc    htmlmap2  kevdesign  brunus v


Virtual drum roll please:

The winner of our Joomla SEO giveaway is: Radu Muntean

We are thrilled to introduce Radu and his Jr. web developer on our blog today. Radu is an independent web developer, and is employed at award winning creative agency, “Charles Elena Design” from Australia. We had the opportunity to interview our iPad Mini winner.

How do you or your company use Joomla?

I use it to develop clients websites ranging from small and medium business to corporate."

What is your favorite feature of sh404sef?

The fact that I have full control over the urls and can easily diagnose issues or rename url to suit my needs.

Webmasters put blood, sweat and tears into their projects. Is there a project you are especially proud of?

I work with a team of creative professionals at Charles Elena Design . My role varies with each project.

My independent projects include:


Notable project work from my employer include:


People love funny 404 pages which is a unique and quality feature of sh404SEF®. What is your favorite 404 page?

henrikheaegarrdd jackfig

What is your favorite thing about Joomla's community and/or events?

It has been growing and maturing a lot in recent years and what I have noticed lately is more professionalism and structure in the Joomla project. The same go for the professional Joomla developers such as yourselves and others like RS Joomla who keep making better an better products which makes life so much easier for us developers.

Another thing I like is the Joomla security team and the constant updates and security alerts. I'm glad to see a great open source project be proactive for their community. This gives us confidence that it will be around for many years and we are being heard.

At Anything Digital we take pride in personal relationships with our users. There is nothing more gratifying than receiving genuine feedback from someone. Our commitment to excellence is recognized in the Joomla community, it is rewarding to receive tweets and emails of appreciation. We are very proud to share the kind words from Radu with our readers.

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