Save 25% and get a FREE gift of during Christmas

Josetta® & sh404SEF®, 1 yr, $49 
Watchful Starter, Lifetime
JCal Pro® & sh404SEF®, 1 yr, $85
Watchful Starter, Lifetime 

Each holiday season we like to give our customers something really special to celebrate the holiday season.

This year we are re-activating a popular add-on bundle from last year and offering a totally new bundle as well (see below for complete offer details).

Joomla Events + Joomla SEO

sh404SEF® is our flagship product and any Joomla user concerned with search engine optimization recognizes the vast SEO improvement delivered on sites using this add-on.

Thus, when we re-wrote our calendaring solution JCal Pro® for Joomla 2.5, we wrote it with SEO and sh404SEF® in mind.

It’s only then natural that we offer these products together.

As we did last year, we’ve combined sh404SEF® ($39) with JCal Pro® Standard ($75).

The Standard calendaring plan features location support for events and includes all our premium templates as well as the popular Flex module and editor plugin.

The Events + SEO bundle is a 1 year subscription plan and costs $85.

Joomla Translations + Joomla SEO

The other great pairing we have is Josetta®, our revolutionary translation manager

Multilingual content is an important growth area for Joomla SEO. Unfortunately, creating Joomla’s multilingual content is laborious. Joestta seamlessly builds upon the multilingual functions in Joomla itself without adding any extra performance burden to your site and guaranteeing an easy migration/upgrades to future Joomla versions.

Featuring an innovative user interface designed specifically facilitate collaborative translation, Josetta® — which normally sells for $27 — is a must-have add-on for any Joomla multilingual site and a great way to quickly improve SEO in additional languages.

The Josetta® + SEO bundle is a 1 year subscription plan and costs $49.

But wait, there’s more holiday cheer!

In addition to the 25% savings, we’re giving away a free-for-life Starter plan at with every purchase of the bundles above. The Watchful Starter plan lets you remotely backup, update and monitor up to 5 Joomla web sites from our innovative dashboard.

The Starter plan normally sells for $60/year but since this is a free-for-life holiday offer, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Offer ends on Christmas Day New Year's Eve

We're all busy during the holiday season but once Santa baby New Year arrives, this deal will be over so don't delay if you are interested in the 25% discount and the free-for-life account at

Happy Holidays

To of our extended Joomla family, friends and colleagues, we here at Anything Digital thank-you for your continued support over the years and hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

Josetta® & sh404SEF®, 1 yr, $49 
Watchful Starter, Lifetime
JCal Pro® & sh404SEF®, 1 yr, $85
Watchful Starter, Lifetime

1. Qualifying Purchases. This offer applies only to purchases of Events + SEO bundle ($85) or the Josetta® + SEO bundle made on or between 16-Dec-2012 and 31-Dec-2016. Any purchase made with an existing coupon or offer is not a qualifying purchase.
2. Offer Details. For a qualifying purchase at Anything Digital, each customer will receive a coupon code worth $4.99 USD per month for life at This code is valid for a Starter, Standard or Professional purchase.
3. Offer Quantity. The total number of coupon code redemptions as a whole is not limited.
4. Promotion Period. This promotion will run from 16-Dec-2012 until 25-Dec-2012 (Central Standard Time, UTC-5) unless otherwise stated.

Last modified on Dec262012
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