Join us - Joomla Maintenance and Monitoring Webinar

Take your web administration skills to the next level by attending our free webinar provided by via our colleagues at - expert Joomla hosts!

Businesses today depend on their websites more than ever. It is crucial for website owners, developers, and maintainers to protect them. To protect organization's data, you need to implement a data backup, security and update plan. Backing up files can protect against accidental loss of data, database corruption, hardware failures, and most common-- hacked websites. It's your job as an administrator to make sure that backups are performed and that backups can be restored with minimal data loss.

Friday, we bring you a walk through of Watchful and show you a first hand learning experience, and some practical advice on maintaining your Joomla websites.

Who should attend?

Almost every website owner or web administrator can benefit from a strong monitoring, security workflow. Whether you are hosting, developing, or updating Joomla websites this webinar will brings practical advice regarding monitoring, security, and keeping joomla websites safe and up to date.

Event Details

When: Fri, Sep 27, 2013 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM CDT


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