jInbound a new Joomla inbound marketing app

Anything Digital is pleased to announce the availability of jInbound. jInbound is a revolutionary inbound marketing extention for Joomla, aimed at helping website owners maximize their inbound marketing efforts.

jInbound is the culmination of over a year of expert implementation and execution between two of the industry leading Joomla Agencies — Savvy Panda and Anything Digital. The strategic partnership between Anything Digital and Savvy Panda company’s rapid growth and client success rate is proof enough that our “game changing marketing app” will change the way Joomla users market their websites.

Our Inbound Marketing tool will allow you to:

Create Landing Pages

Create optimized landing pages on the fly with our pre-designed templates

  • Save time and energy
  • Convert more visitors into leads
  • Get custom and build your templates from scratch

Integrated Forms

Create forms on the fly with our easy to use drag-n-drop form editor

  • Quickly create forms all in one place in the landing page tool
  • Send form submission notifications
  • Create custom form fields

Customer Engagement

Our lead nurturing tool will allow you to very easily

  • Setup automated drip email marketing campaigns
  • Efficiently move leads down the marketing funnel
  • Automatically move leads on/off various lead nurturing campaigns based on other conversion events

Lite CRM

Our lead manager tool has some lite CRM features built in to simplify your life.

  • Mark lead status and what contact you've had with them
  • Keep a log of notes & engagements with this contact
  • Sort and prioritize sales leads based on custom filters
  • Easily hand off leads to your sales team View all form submissions in one place

Easy Reporting

It's crucial to track and measure your results, our reporting tool makes it simple to measure your performance.

  • Track overall performance of your inbound efforts
  • View individual landing page conversion rates
  • Send automatic reports internally or to clients
  • View reports by custom date range

Get your subscription NOW!

Purchase jInbound at a killer introductory rate, and be sure to grab your subscription today.

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On behalf of both Savvy Panda and Anything Digital, we'd like to thank the entire Joomla! community for their support and eagerness to try jInbound.

Last modified on Dec182013
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