Is Google Authorship still an important part of your Joomla SEO strategy?

As any modern SEO will tell you, social media has become a critical part of any internet marketing strategy.

And while Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn often steal the headlines, the importance of Google cannot be understated.

As part of the largest search engine on the planet, Google is of course both integral to the SEO process as well as being the target of your efforts.

One of the most recent Google tools that affects your SEO campaign is Google Authorship, a way to link the content you write on your website to your personal profile on Google+.

One of the most obvious indications that a person is using Google Authorship used to be the appearance of their Google+ profile image next to their content on a search engine results page (SERP).

Google has recently removed this feature (somewhat controversially) for most search results.

Despite this change, Google Authorship provides a number of SEO-related benefits that other social networks cannot compete with.

Marking your territory

It’s happened to all of us: you write a great article, build some traffic to it and BAM, someone copies your content and starts out-ranking you in search results.

When you use Google Authorship, you send a signal to Google that you are the authoritative source of the content. Usually, Google will list you ahead of your competitors as a result.

More clicks and conversions

A number of reports show that the click-through rate on a SERP is higher for pages with Authorship markup containing the Google+ author avatar.

While Google claims removing the author avatar does not affect click-through rates, most experts and early data seem to disagree.

However, the name of the author is still listed in the search results. We expect that results on a SERP showing the author name will still get more clicks than results without this attribute as the name humanizes the content and builds trust.

Viewers then click on — and share — this content more readily. If you’re doing it right, this should also lead to more conversions.

Faster indexing

There is nothing more frustrating than creating great content and then waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for it to get indexed by Google.

There are a number of ways to reduce indexing time, but one of the latest ones is using Authorship markup.

Since Authorship is a Google product, and other social networks are harder to crawl and index comparatively, Authorship will help get your content listed in SERPs faster.

Building Author Authority

Using Authorship markup, Google can easily track what content an author is publishing and how often it is shared. Using these and other metrics, it would be pretty easy to start ranking the quality of authors and they content they create.

Although Author Authority is currently not documented, Google has being giving clear signals that it cares about this attribute.

So building your Author Authority now will prepare you really well when Google starts considering this in their algorithms.

Adding Authorship for Joomla SEO campaigns

Google Authorship can be added to your website manually by editing your site template and following the detailed steps over at Search Engine Land.

But if you are a sh404SEF® user, simply update to the latest version to activate this free new feature with ease. Full details can be found in our sh404SEF® documentation.

Last modified on Jul172014
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