Documentation re-organization completed for JCal Pro® 2.x rollout

As the development of JCal Pro® 2.x continues, we have been updating the content organization on this site accordingly. Most important for JCal Pro® 2.x is the creation of a dedicated documentation area for this new verison. 

We made this change to more clearly inform JCal Pro® users of the new features and installation instructions specific for this new release. Documentation for JCal Pro® 1.5.x is also now in a seperate, dedicated content category. As always, all articles on JCal Pro® documentation can be accessed using the menu links above. We have now restricted these documents to JCal Pro® subscribers (including Them Club, Lifetime All Access and Developer Special subscribers).

You will also note that we have re-organized the FAQ section to make finding answers to those popular questions faster and more intuitive.

Last modified on Apr142011
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