As many of you have noticed, we have been monitoring and moderating  the forums very closely over the last few months.

Unfortunately, the volume of posts on the forum has increased steadily with our increased activity. As such, we are spending less and less time fixing the code as we devote time to the forum.


Due to popular demand, we will start publishing the known issues for JCal Pro® 2 in the Joomla 1.5 FAQs. As we find, verify and fix bugs, the page will be updated for quick reference.

Thanks again to the community, forum moderators and programers who continue to make JCal Pro® the best calendar for Joomla.

Victor Drover

As the development of JCal Pro® 2.x continues, we have been updating the content organization on this site accordingly. Most important for JCal Pro® 2.x is the creation of a dedicated documentation area for this new verison. 

In our ongoing efforts to make the forum more intuitive and easy to use, we have recently completed a major reshuffling of the Forums. The most striking difference is that a number of JCal Pro® boards have been locked and archived. All active threads for JCal Pro® are now restricted to 2 tracks: Joomla 1.0! and Joomla! 1.5.

We get many enquiries regarding how to stay up-to-date with JCal Pro® and our other extensions at Besides this newsletter, we recommend subscribing to a board on the Forum. To subscribe for board notifications, simply select a board on the forum such as the Announcements board and click the ‘Notify’ button at the top-right of the board index.

As you may have noticed, moved to a new server on Wednesday and the improvement in site performance is very noticeable.  We are also upgrading some of our extensions (including the download manager) to provide even better performance as we build up to the release of JCal Pro® 1.5.x MVC for Joomla! 1.5.x. We appreciate your patience for the periodic down-time as we implement these upgrades.

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