sh404SEF® heads to South Africa

Recently Yannick Gaultier, senior partner at Anything Digital and lead developer of sh404SEF®, attended Joomla Day South Africa in Cape Town.

We love going to Joomla events to discuss our products and the Cape Town was no exception.

Yannick had the chance to go over the basics of sh404SEF®, such as solving the duplicate URL problem common for Joomla-based web sites (slides below).

In addition, he discussed some newer features such as on-site Google Analytics and canonical URL support for PDF files in Joomla and extensions that have content in multiple categories such as Virtuemart and FlexiContent.

After the seminar, five attendees received complementary sh404SEF® subscriptions and we look forward to working with our newest sh404SEF® surfers :)

Despite the long flight, Joomla Day South Africa was a great time and the organizers have our appreciation for inviting us to talk and working hard to put on a great event.

Last modified on Sep072011
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