Our Twitter handle has changed to @AnythingDig

As of today the Twitter handle for the Anything Digital Twitter account has been changed from @vdrover to @AnythingDig

Follow @AnythingDig to hear about our latest products updates and Anything Digital news. @AnythingDig will also tweet about Joomla news, SEO and all the web technologies and mostly related items we find interesting. There will likely be very few links to pictures of exceptionally cute cats. Current followers do not need to change anything, and we will continue to follow your tweets as we have in the past.

You can also find us on facebook at the Anything Digital Facebook Page  and do not forget to subscribe to the important new version notification newsletters we send out for all our extensions.

Victor has created a personal Twitter account, his life in 140 character can be found at @VicDrover.

Last modified on Dec142012
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