Learn SEO for Joomla 3 using sh404SEF®

2013 has been quite the year for Joomla 3 and promises to be even better! Over the past year, we’ve made some real innovations in sh404SEF® and rolled out some great new features and are on the continually improving sh404SEF® for Joomla 3.

This Wednesday June 26, at 11 AM EST, we will have the pleasure of sitting down with a Joomla colleague, Ryan Bernstein, to talk about Joomla SEO and sh404SEF® in a free live webinar hosted by Cloud Access. 

We’ll discuss what SEO features that are important and how to take control of your seo using sh404SEF®.

You can join in on the conversation with your comments and questions too! Register and arrive early — space is limited.You can attend the webinar online or call in via phone to listen.

We want to hear your thoughts, questions and comment after the webinar. We will have a special offer for all attendees after the webinar.

Last modified on Jun272013
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