Joomla Day Las Vegas, the odds are in your favor

As some regular readers might know, I recently missed my opportunity in December to talk at the Denver CMS Expo due to some fractured ribs which kept me from flying to the event. Well, the ribs are healing nicely and I've now got my sights set on Las Vegas, Nevada, the site of the next Joomla! Day in the United States (April 3rd and 4th, 2009).

Not only will this be my first trip to Vegas, but while I am there I will be teaching Joomla! for the first time. In addition, JDay Vegas 2009 will feature some very big names in the Joomlasphere (besides myself Wink) including Steven Burge (JED editorial team), Toni Marie (JED editorial team), Wilco Jansen (Open Source Matters board), Anthony Ferrara (Joomla core team) and Andrew Eddie (Joomla core team.

If that wasn't enough to get you fired up, just remmeber. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (except for all the awesome Joomla training that is. You should really remmeber that stuff). Tongue out

For all the information and registration for both the training sessions and Joomla Day Las Vegas, head on over to

Last modified on Apr132011
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