2013 has been quite the year for Joomla 3 and promises to be even better! Over the past year, we’ve made some real innovations in sh404SEF® and rolled out some great new features and are on the continually improving sh404SEF® for Joomla 3.

This Wednesday June 26, at 11 AM EST, we will have the pleasure of sitting down with a Joomla colleague, Ryan Bernstein, to talk about Joomla SEO and sh404SEF® in a free live webinar hosted by Cloud Access. 

We’ll discuss what SEO features that are important and how to take control of your seo using sh404SEF®.

You can join in on the conversation with your comments and questions too! Register and arrive early — space is limited.You can attend the webinar online or call in via phone to listen.


J and Beyond 2013

J and Beyond is back for the fourth year, and so is Anything Digital as we pack our bags for Joomla at the Beach, 31 May – 2 June 2013 in Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands. As in past J and Beyond conferences, we are thrilled to meet our users, show our products and services, and network with our colleagues.

Hallo, Bonjour, Hello, ¡Hola

Joomla’s international developer conference J and Beyond is almost here and tomorrow, Saturday May 18th, is the final day to submit nominations for the Joomla Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition awards — the J!OSCARs.

We encourage you to make a speedy visit to the J and Beyond website and complete the nomination form. 


It began in melodramatic fashion with Michael Buffers trademark phrase:

"Let's get ready to rumble!"

But we weren’t at a boxing match in Las Vegas. We were attending the CMS showdown hosted last week in Milwaukee by Web414.

The showdown featured a group of panelists each showcasing their CMS in 3-5 minutes including:

  • Sitecore - Nick Wesselman (Hanson Dodge)
  • ModX - Rob Martin
  • WordPress - Brad Parbs (Snow Day Group)
  • Drupal - Kevin Cieselski (Red Beard Unlimited)
  • Concrete5 - Chris Grahm (Potawatomi Bingo Casino)&
  • Joomla - Gabe Wahhab (Savvy Panda)

Here is how the scorecard looked after 6 rounds.

As of today the Twitter handle for the Anything Digital Twitter account has been changed from @vdrover to @AnythingDig

Follow @AnythingDig to hear about our latest products updates and Anything Digital news. @AnythingDig will also tweet about Joomla news, SEO and all the web technologies and mostly related items we find interesting. There will likely be very few links to pictures of exceptionally cute cats. Current followers do not need to change anything, and we will continue to follow your tweets as we have in the past.

You can also find us on facebook at the Anything Digital Facebook Page  and do not forget to subscribe to the important new version notification newsletters we send out for all our extensions.

Victor has created a personal Twitter account, his life in 140 character can be found at @VicDrover.

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