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Pete’s Hardwood Floors

Pete’s Hardwood Floors is the “brain trust’” for floor sanding and installing in the Twin Cities. They rent floor sanding equipment to those looking to refinish their floors themselves and make sure every customer is taught how to use the equipment before they leave the store. They also install and refinish hardwood floors, and sell a variety of related products.

The Challenge

The client had a very outdated website that needed refreshing. There was a small amount of traffic that went to the site. Loving the new site so much, the client wanted to show everyone. SEO was a perfect fit. There was no social sharing on the existing Joomla! site. It also had duplicate content issues, and it was difficult to customize meta descriptions and titles.

The Strategy and Joomla SEO tools

Plan: Content, content, content. Lots of good content went into the site, and to accompany that, we had to let everyone know about it off-site by:

  • Launching a reputation-earning off-site digital marketing campaign. We in essence increased the domain authority in Google’s eyes by earning links and brand reputation through a myriad of techniques.
  • Modifying existing on-page elements to maximize SEO, such as structuring each page with it’s proper keyword set, configuring titles and meta tags, and even increasing site speed.

To hit the technical homerun we chose sh404SEF®. This Joomla SEO tool allowed us to:

  • Get rid of all of that duplicate content created from using core Joomla! articles.
  • Easily edit titles and meta descriptions.
  • Re-route 404s very simply and effectively.
  • Enable social sharing on the content we made. This affected SEO in an indirect way. When we perform SEO we concentrate on building brands. The shares themselves did not correlate with higher rankings, but getting the website in front of more eyeballs and having people talk about Pete’s was critical in increasing brand awareness, which essentially helped increase ranking.

The Results

Bazinga! The client saw an unheard-of spike in traffic in a short period of time. So much so, they are considering selling adspace. The new leads are the icing on the cake. Holy guacamole!

In September to October of 2012, the website got 1,431 people to it. Through our digital marketing efforts, and also due to the effectiveness of sh404SEF®, the recent months have seen traffic about 15,000 unique visitors per month, with June 2014 being the biggest month yet bringing in more than 17,000 uniques. In fact, there was a period in where the site was No. 3 for the term “hardwood floors” and this was unintentional!


Customer Success

The client originally tried traditional marketing to boost their business. They were not getting good return on investment. After starting their digital marketing campaign, they now are continuously booked out for at least 3 months at a time. Their business has seen an additional 20%+ growth in revenue in the last few years, in which the business owner credits to the power of Joomla SEO, sh404SEF® and digital marketing.

About the company

happy dog web productionsHappy Dog Web Productions is a custom website development agency in White Bear Lake, MN. They offer a full service, from full custom website development, digital marketing, hosting and website security.


Last modified on Aug122014
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