As a software developer, one way in which we promote our products if through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketting is esentially a link exchange program where the people who post links to your products (on their web sites or in their blogs, newsletters, etc...) get a commission of the sales generated from those links. In fact, you'll notice some of our own affiliate links on the left-hand side of this page under "Recommended Vendors". Of course, a software package tracks the affiliate traffic and a very popular version is called iDevAffiliate.

While recently configuring and testing iDevAffiliate for this web site (details coming soon), we noticed something peculiar. When an affiliate signs up for an account, they must provide a username and password and often tax information such as a SSN (USA) or VAT (Europe). In the case of iDevAffiliate, this sensitive password and tax information was being saved in plain text format. Although this is not an inherent security risk, it does increase vendor liability dramatically should a database be compromised and the affilaite details stolen.

In our ongoing efforts to make the forum more intuitive and easy to use, we have recently completed a major reshuffling of the Forums. The most striking difference is that a number of JCal Pro® boards have been locked and archived. All active threads for JCal Pro® are now restricted to 2 tracks: Joomla 1.0! and Joomla! 1.5.

We get many enquiries regarding how to stay up-to-date with JCal Pro® and our other extensions at Besides this newsletter, we recommend subscribing to a board on the Forum. To subscribe for board notifications, simply select a board on the forum such as the Announcements board and click the ‘Notify’ button at the top-right of the board index.


I’d like to point out some changes and additions to our subscription plans. JCal Pro® subscriptions now start at $7 for a 48hr access window to the downloads section. Due to its popularity, the yearly JCal Pro® subscription, remains at the discounted rate of $20 until further notice. Note that JCal Pro® subscriptions include all existing versions of JCal Pro® for both the 1.0 and 1.5 flavors of Joomla!.

The Developer Special, which gives access to JCal Pro®, Advanced Search and the Expose suite, has also been extended indefinitely. This subscription is available for $36 and represents a 40% savings compared to purchasing the subscriptions individually.

In addition, we’ve added a new “Lifetime All Access Pass” to our subscription plans. This plan requires a one-time payment of $250 and provides unlimited access to ALL of our current and upcoming GPL-licensed extensions. The All Access Pass is a good value and is a great way to support open-source projects. If you are interested in this subscription, we will credit the cost any existing subscriptions to the All Access Pass. Simply contact us directly using the online contact form and let us know. Be sure to include your username so we can accurately process your request and invoice you for the updated costs.


I just wanted to write a personal and public thank-you to the guys at Joomla! Chicago for hosting a superb and professional event. In particular, John and Linda Coonen and Mike Carson deserve due credit for pulling off the event without a hitch. Respect.

The community support for the meeting was overwhelming. Over 250 people from across the country and across the globe showed up and treated the keynote speakers like rock stars. Thanks so much ... hope we see you again at the next EXPO.



Developers Special SAVE 50%! Just $30 for our 3 most popular extensions

Anything Digital is happy to announce it's first-ever spring sale. This combined subscription includes full, unrestricted access for one year. The extensions include JCal Pro®, the Expose Extension Suite and Advanced Search.

This $60 value has never been more affordable. As an added incentive, any subscriptions for this plan will receive a $20 rebate at the 2008 Joomla! EXPO in Chicago**. But don't wait, Come April 1st, this offer will expire.

We have re-introduced this offer for one week, May 9 through 16.

** Rebates will be processed on-site at the EXPO for EXPO registrants only. Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first served basis and paymment receipt will be required. Subscription verification may be performedasrequired.

Note: For existing subscribers, 1 year will be added to your existing subscriptions as appropriate.


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