Due to popular demand, I am happy to announce that our Christmas promotion with JoomlArt has been extended until the end of the year.

That’s right, for another week you can get access to over 100 premium Joomla templates for free!


Christmas gifts for everyone!

Its been a big year for Anything Digital, full of feature-rich extension releases, new product offerings, new moderators on the forum and new staff. In addition, I retired from my professional career in academia to pursue my Joomla-related interests full-time.

As with most things around here, none of this would have been possible without, YOU, our loyal customers.

To show you our appreciation for placing your trust (and hard-earned dollars) in us, we have arranged a very, very special Christmas offer. With any purchase from Anything Digital, you will receive a 100% free, template club subscription.

Joomlapolis hits 300,000

One of the longest actively developed extensions for Joomla/Mambo is Community Builder or simply CB. These days, we classify CB as a social networking application. But back in 2003 when the first beta version was released, it was a one-of-a-kind extension well ahead of its time.

JCal Pro® is similar to CB as one of most venerable and reliable calendar application suites that was initially used for Mambo and then for Joomla. Both CB and JCal Pro® can be found on millions of web pages around the world.

Recently, we added to JCal Pro® fully integrated support for users to create and manage their own private events. It is only natural then that JCal Pro® ships with two Community Builder plugins so that users can view their private events and private calendars right in their Community Builder profile.


Due to the overwhelming interest we've received over the holidays, we've added the Flex module for JCal Pro® (demo) to the Developer Special subscriptions at no added charge.

In addition to Theme Club subscribers, all existing subscribers of the Developer Special 1 and Developer Special 2 plans can log-in and download Flex right away  .

Spambots and e-mail harvesters are an important tool for the spamming community as collecting e-mail addresses from web sites provides a ‘market’ for all that junk you get in your spam folder and often in your inbox.

Like any good content management system or blog, Joomla protects any e-mail addresses in your site content by using javascript to encode the emails in source code of your site. This prevent the harvesters from recognizing them as an e-mail address but allows the end-user to click the e-mail address on your site and trigger your default mail client to start composing a new message with the 'To:' field pre-populated.

The email cloaking feature is delivered via the aptly-named ‘Email cloaking’ plugin which makes protecting your email address available to 3rd party extensions such as JCal Pro® that support content plugins.  However, I have had to disable this plugin in the past on some sites as end-users would sometimes report the following error when they clicked on some e-mail links

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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