At the J and Beyond conference this past weekend in Germany, a number of people commented to me that the vibe around this year’s meeting was very different from the 2011 conference.

Joomla Rocks!This was my third J and Beyond and I personally came away feeling a lot more encouraged, engaged, inspired and motivated than in previous years. Many folks expressed this same feeling, including past OSM president Ryan Ozimek (see video at right). 

To be clear, the prior J and Beyond events as well as Joomla Days I attend have always given me a little extra purpose and warm feeling in my stomach. However, J and Beyond 2012 seems to have pushed those feelings to a much higher level.

This got me thinking about the changes in the Joomla project over the lifetime of J and Beyond — the past three years — that might have resulted in such a difference in my attitude specifically in 2012.

A few weeks ago we invited you to join us at the 2012 J and Beyond Joomla developer conference in Germany where Anything Digital will be leading two sessions in the program.

The conference is now just a few weeks away and we are proud to announce that we are also officially sponsoring the event.

Community involvement is an important part of our mission at Anything Digital and we are happy to donate some of our resources to great causes such as conferences, Joomla Days and of course the various Joomla committees we participate in such as the recently-formed Events team.

In closing, please let me again invite you to join us at J and Beyond 2012.

We hope to meet you there!

I’m sure many of you have noticed all the new releases and announcements in the last few months as we have been working hard to keep step with new releases of Joomla 2.5. 

Similarly, many of our site-building colleagues have also been busy upgrading their sites to Joomla 2.5. 

One of our favorite go-to web design and development shops is Savvy Panda — owned and operated by Gabe Wahhab. 

Gabe and I have been supporting the local Joomla community for years by organizing local Joomla User Group Milwaukee and Joomla Day Midwest.

Today we are announcing more teamwork — a great contest to win a FREE Joomla 2.5 upgrade!

Each year we attend numerous Joomla Days and conferences around the world.

The highlight of these events is always the international J and Beyond or JAB conference. As in past years, we are attending JAB 2012 to meet users, showcase our products and interact with our colleagues.

JAB 2012 is being held in Bad Nauheim, a small town near Frankfurt, Germany where Elvis Presley was stationed during his time in the US Army. Thus, the theme for JAB 2012 is Meet the Joomla Rock Stars. Given the theme, you might spot a few Elvis impersonators in the sessions and perhaps even on stage!

Yesterday saw the release of Joomla 2.5.4. As always, we recommend that you upgrade your site to the latest version of without delay.

You can upgrade to this version easily using the built-in upgrade system found in the Joomla administrative control panel.

In addition to 157 bug fixes, this version patches 2 low level security issues and introduces three new features.

Full details on Joomla 2.5.4 can be found on the official press release at

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