In November we'll be attending the inaugural Joomla World Conference in San Jose, California.

This unique event will bring together some of the top names in Joomla as well as scores of users, fans and enthusiasts.

Anything Digital is a Silver Sponsor of the event and we invite you to join us in San Jose. The speaker list is impressive and covers a wide range of topic including our session entitled “Is Joomla ready for enterprise?

We are also excited about the keynote speakers for the event who promise to bring new perspectives to the Joomla-sphere.

As the owner or maintainer of a Joomla web site, you have likely been in the position of hearing about security vulnerability and having to scramble anxiously to manually check each and every site to see if it was safe and perhaps even upgrade all your sites.

Or perhaps you maintain a spreadsheet with all your clients where you track the version of Joomla and any extensions you have installed and each week or month you accept the tedious task of updating your list.

If you are a new Joomla user, perhaps you have not yet considered the best ways to backup and protect your web sites.

Regardless of the situation, a development agency with hundreds of clients or a hobbyist with a handful of sites each know how difficult it can be to keep two or more Joomla sites current and safe.

The primary problem facing Joomla web site developers and maintainers is that there is no centralized way to be notified of required updates or perform maintenance.

As Joomla users ourselves, we have also long-struggled with this very problem and last week we quietly announced a new service — — that will change how you manage your sites.

In the last 2 weeks two important Joomla upgrades have been released.

Together, version 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 address 125 issues from the bug tracker, adds 11 new features and patches two security issues.

The security issues consist of a medium priority privilege escalation and a low priority information disclosure.


On Monday, June 4, an internal server error resulted in some unexpected downtime as well as a small number of users receiving erroneous "subscription expired" notifications via email.

We have resolved the issue and added measures to prevent a recurrence. I want to assure you that no user data was lost and no accounts were "expired" early, despite the email notifications.

On behalf of the Anything Digital team, please accept our apologies for any confusion and inconvenience caused.

In April we launched a great new feature called Locations for JCal Pro® — the Joomla calendar — that adds geolocation to your events.

We received great feedback about this feature and were thrilled to announce earlier this month that Locations and JCal Pro® would be the cornerstone of the new events site on

Locations is only available in the JCal Pro® Standard and Ultimate subscription plans. So to get this exciting feature in the hands more users we are offering a $10 discount.

Simply Like our Facebook Page before June 2nd to reveal the coupon code. Savings are applied instantly during checkout.


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