If you’re serious about performing Joomla updates to keep your site safe and secure, than you’ve probably heard about Watchful.li.

Watchful is a remote backup, update and monitoring service for Joomla web sites and we’ve been rapidly expanding and adding features.

As you can see in the video above, our latest addition is the ability to update all the compatible extensions on your site with just a single click.

You can read more about this new feature in the official announcement.

Joomla 2.5.9 has been released.

Notable in this build is the inclusion of a low priority security patch for an information disclosure vulnerability affecting versions 2.5.8 and earlier versions of 2.5.

22 items from the bug tracker were also addressed.

Full details can be found in the official 2.5.9 release announcement at joomla.org

Since this release improves security, we recommend that all users perform an Joomla upgrade immediately.

A Joomla upgrade can be performed directly in the Joomla administrative backend. For users with multiple sites, we recommend updating all your sites from Watchful.li — a centralized site manager for Joomla.

Josetta® & sh404SEF®, 1 yr, $49 
Watchful Starter, Lifetime
JCal Pro® & sh404SEF®, 1 yr, $85
Watchful Starter, Lifetime 

Each holiday season we like to give our customers something really special to celebrate the holiday season.

This year we are re-activating a popular add-on bundle from last year and offering a totally new bundle as well (see below for complete offer details).

As of today the Twitter handle for the Anything Digital Twitter account has been changed from @vdrover to @AnythingDig

Follow @AnythingDig to hear about our latest products updates and Anything Digital news. @AnythingDig will also tweet about Joomla news, SEO and all the web technologies and mostly related items we find interesting. There will likely be very few links to pictures of exceptionally cute cats. Current followers do not need to change anything, and we will continue to follow your tweets as we have in the past.

You can also find us on facebook at the Anything Digital Facebook Page  and do not forget to subscribe to the important new version notification newsletters we send out for all our extensions.

Victor has created a personal Twitter account, his life in 140 character can be found at @VicDrover.

Although the presidential elections are only once every four years, you can vote for your favorite Joomla extensions every month.

There is no greater honor than the recognition of the community for a job well done by selecting our sh404SEF® Joomla SEO extension as one of the winners of the inaugural Joomla Community Choice Extensions.

The Community Choice Extensions winners were announced last week on the Joomla's Community Magazine site. The competition received over 150 submissions. We congratulate all the winners and are honored to be among these leaders in Joomla Extension development. sh404SEF® was the only Joomla SEO related extension selected. The choices of the community reflect the sophisticated nature of Joomla users. The Community Choice Awards is a wonderful showcase for the use of the extensions by independent users.


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