It began in melodramatic fashion with Michael Buffers trademark phrase:

"Let's get ready to rumble!"

But we weren’t at a boxing match in Las Vegas. We were attending the CMS showdown hosted last week in Milwaukee by Web414.

The showdown featured a group of panelists each showcasing their CMS in 3-5 minutes including:

  • Sitecore - Nick Wesselman (Hanson Dodge)
  • ModX - Rob Martin
  • WordPress - Brad Parbs (Snow Day Group)
  • Drupal - Kevin Cieselski (Red Beard Unlimited)
  • Concrete5 - Chris Grahm (Potawatomi Bingo Casino)&
  • Joomla - Gabe Wahhab (Savvy Panda)

Here is how the scorecard looked after 6 rounds.

In the past years Joomla development has progressed at breakneck speed, challenging Joomla extensions developers to adopt new processes and introduce new features.

Joomla 2.5 introduced major new features such as the ACL (including the permissions and access levels), multilingual support and new form elements.

In Joomla 3, the most exciting new feature is full integration of bootstrap to make Joomla the first major CMS to be responsive and mobile-ready .

In this first post of the series on JCal Pro® — our calendar add-on for Joomla — we examine how JCal Pro® 3 has used Joomla Bootstrap to provide mobile-optimized administration of your calendar as well as the recently introduced responsive template named “Inspired” to provide a true mobile calendar experience for your visitors.


When I bring up Pinterest in certain circles, I can see the smirks. As a male colleague once said to me: “Why do I care about a place online where women are exchanging recipes and saving ideas for how they want to decorate their living room?”

Our mobile SEO contest came to a close this past week.

To celebrate the launch of sh404sef for Joomla 3, we ran two contests. The first contest was Twitter-based, and winners were randomly selected from people tweeting our #JoomlaSEO hashtag.

A special thank-you goes out to everyone who tweeted about this mobile seo contest. It created a lot of social buzz about the release of sh404SEF® for Joomla 3.0. With almost 900 entries over the 5 week contest duration, our event was a great success. We gave away 5 subscriptions our SEO software, sh404SEF®.

Our winners include Jeff Mayland, who we had the pleasure of meeting in last year at the Joomla World Conference in San Jose.

Joomla 3.1.1 Stable has been released.

Most notable in this build is a fix for an issue where the database may not upgrade properly.

There is also the of another 10 items from the bug tracker including some fixes for the new tags feature.

Full details can be found in the official 3.1.1 release announcement at, at the time of this post the link to the release notes were not updated, theses are the actual 3.1.1 release notes


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