Advanced Search - multi-site, relevant search for Joomla

In the last 10 years, desktop and internet behaviors have evolved towards search-based tasks: finding a file or a specific piece of information invariable involves a search.

But if you’ve worked with Joomla as long as as we have, you know all-to-well how little the search features in Joomla have changed to keep pace with these trends. Thus, we decided to rebuild the Joomla search engine from the ground up.

For end users, we built a new search algorithm to sort search results by relevance instead of content category. We also added spelling correction and familiar filters for time and content categories.

For site administrators, we’ve added a backend search as well as numerous parameters to customize the search experience including our unique multi-site search technology.

Taken together, Advanced Search modernizes the task of finding content on your Joomla web site and delivers professional search features. Learn more by vewing the Advanced Search feature list or by trying it today!

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